The Nation does not want to know #whereisrahul

Apparently the number one trending topic globally on Twitter is #whereisrahul…. How sad, that so many people choose to waste time on inane, irrelevant things like this. I have done it too in the past, especially during the Lok Sabha elections because remember, Rahul baba was the “chosen” one for the top job. I shudder to think if SoniaJi’s dream had come true. Anyway, this will be my last post on dear Rahul baba…. Just as I havent written about the supercilious snob friend of his late dad. I don’t like wasting time on irrelevant people.

So beta Rahul applies for leave and Mommy SoniaJi approves the leave … It’s the CONgress party, it’s the CONgress(I). If some of us have forgotten, late Smt. Indira Gandhi, SoniaJi’s mom-in-law, floated the CONgress (I), her own CONgress – different from the Indian National Congress that fought for our independence. Slowly the “I” was dropped and the short public memory was put to good use and suddenly everyone thinks of this CONgress as the original one. It’s not. This is SoniaJi’s private party, inherited by way of marriage and so she does have a claim to the top spot and her son can aspire, perspire or despair his way to the same top spot. No one can do anything about that.

Now, mommies everywhere would like to see their child take some rest, reflect on life and it’s vagaries and generally chill out. Especially when they work as hard as Rahul baba does. The picture below captures how hard he had been working and those visuals of him nodding off … Poor overworked soul –

IMG_1725 . The bottom line on top is Rahul baba doesn’t care and the budget doesn’t affect him and he wants time off.. He really wants out.

So why do we care ? Why do we want to know what Rahul thinks, eats, drinks… He doesn’t want scrutiny. Then dear Rahul baba, just get the hell out of “public” life !!! Here is a 46 year old man, smiling distractedly when his party is routed in an election, makes some half hearted attempts to revive a long dead CONgress party and deigns to give darshan sporadically to the drooling sycophants who rush to his defense as he makes mistake after mistake after mistake. Enough. Let him be. We have enough to do and many things to accomplish – let Rahul baba meditate in peace, piece by piece… He is crown prince of a soon-to-be extinct dynasty of a defunct, dead party. Why do you care ?

Don’t waste time and Arnab, stop wasting digital space, decibels and eyeballs on non-entities. I am sure Neelabh’s toon captures the nation’s mood –


Arnab, go and take some rest yourself…. Truly, the Nation does not want to know #whereisrahul.

2 thoughts on “The Nation does not want to know #whereisrahul”

  1. Excellent. If Rahul goes on leave what will Digvijay singh, and other gang who is holding on to Rahul baba will go?
    Are there no leaders worth the name in the party?
    It is Sonia;s congress and not the congress of our generation ( I am 70 plus ) .
    Cent percent agree with you.
    Thanks for the wonderful writing.


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