The “Salman” of “being human”

So now there is a suspension of the lower court’s ruling on Salman’s hit-and-run case of 2002 by the high court. For 13 years, Salman was “being human” and bearing the guilt that was his driver’s. The “non being” late Constable Ravindra Patil filed the FIR and paid for it dearly. How can a “non being” file an FIR against someone who is “being human” ?? May God afflict the “non being”  with “non curable” TB and voila, God listens and the “non being” dies. 

For 13 years, the non-being Nurullah’s family continue to be non-entities … Non-being Nurullah was the one who got killed in the accident. The other non-being Abdulla, managed to pay off some of his loans with the court directed grant of ₹ 3 Lakhs of which he claims he got only ₹1.8 Lakhs….. This non-being Abdulla was one of the four injured. Some other non-being reporter found him to ask how he felt (Yep roll your eyes, cinematically) about the case and his reaction to the verdict. Oh all these non-beings !!! “Being Human” is so difficult Salman. We completely empathize with you. 

Not one of these non-beings can appreciate what it takes to be on Forbes richest celebrity list of 2014. That “being human” means earning ₹244.5 Crores in one year, nearly a crore a day, involves a lot of sacrifices – driving when not drunk and trying to prove one wasn’t drunk, paying for drivers etc, doing the gym, keeping the body fit, calling an ex’s new boyfriend 42 times in one night, hosting inane reality shows… Besides acting in block buster movies. Phew !! I am happy being a non-being. 

Hitler genuinely loved his wife but we still don’t forgive him for the holocaust. Salman too has a kind and wonderful heart am sure, he is a human being after all…. But that doesn’t mean he is above the law. I genuinely wish he has the gumption to admit to his wrong doing and abides by the ruling of the court. All the charity work being done by him will not guarantee his “hero” status, but one act of courage of admitting his wrong doing will seal his status as a hero. Everyone makes mistakes, for Salman, here is a golden chance atleast now, to become the poster boy for the “don’t drink and drive” campaign and gracefully accept the punishment. “Being human” is a lot more than merely a poster or a print on a T.shirt. It’s being human and living in a society within the norms of the society, it’s being human “enough” to accept punishment when the law is broken, it’s being human enough to have the courage to fail and get up again ….. But is Salman listening ? Will he try to live upto the name of his charity “being human”?

Btw I wonder how many non-being undertrials are waiting for the courts to hear their bail pleas ? I heard the number of 2.5 Lakhs … But I don’t know for sure – how come Salman’s bail plea was heard within a day ? Being human helps in many ways I guess !

Note – Meaning of the name Salman – blessing or peace

5 thoughts on “The “Salman” of “being human””

  1. Bindu, Well said. also I heard the 4 other victims interviews on TV and all they want is justice for them. Where is that? So what’s the outcome of 13 long years…….Salman goes scot-free and others continue to wait for many more year…… is sad…

  2. The irritating part is when the “celebrities” come on air and defend him and trying to wear their loyalty towards him on their sleeves…… So hypocritical.. One even suggested that a poll should be done in Maharashtra to decide his fate….


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