Madeleines … for Jason Statham!

I don’t have a sweet tooth and I don’t like cakes very much, but there are certain cakes that I like eating once in a while. I love the Chocolate mud pie or mud cake.. don’t know where I tasted it first but a warm chocolate mud pie is just awesome. In Cafe Delhi Heights … Read more

Cirque Du Soleil – “Bazzar”

In 2005, my parents, Krishnan and I went to Singapore specifically to watch a Cirque Du Soleil show. We had read about these two Canadians street performers, Guy Laliberte and Giles Set-Croix who had transformed “circus” in a Harvard Business Review article and then started to search for their show on the internet. When we saw that … Read more

Special people of Cambodia :)

Our ten days In Cambodia brought back our faith in humanity … We have such scant regard for human life in India and everyday news makes one quite cynical that it was refreshing to get a lesson in forgiveness and see good people. Cambodia had one of the worst chapters of genocide in the world … Read more