Restaurant Review – Greenr Cafe and Panchavati Gaurav

As things slowly get back to the old normal, we have started ordering restaurant food once in a while.

We are very strict vegetarians and don’t eat anything that has eggs even. Earlier we would order from restaurants where both veg and non-veg food was served. We have decided to eat from restaurants that serve vegetarian food only. Yes, it restricts our choice, but its important to us. The second thing that’s very important is that the restaurant uses sustainable biodegradable containers.

Plastic containers are a huge challenge.

Greenr Cafe, 32nd Milestone, Gurgaon

On our anniversary day, we ordered food from Greenr Cafe. It was really tasty and fresh !! The portion sizes were generous and no plastic containers 👏. They sent everything in paper and cardboard containers which was really a relief.

Restaurant Review
Greenr Cafe – cardboard and paper containers to deliver food

The pizza was really fresh and not loaded with cheese. What a relief ! The sandwiches and hummus were also very tasty. Enjoyed our meal thoroughly.

Panchavati Gaurav – DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Panchavati Gaurav Restaurant

Panchavati Gaurav has only Rajasthani “thalis”. The portion size is more than generous ! so order carefully. Sadly, they use plastic containers for all the curries and side dishes. We will be re-using the containers but are still upset about it.

The taste was truly awesome though !! The Kadi, dal-bati, bati-choorma, rotis – everything was truly fresh and very tasty. Not only did all three of us eat our fill, we were able to give a lot of food to our house help too. Since we don’t eat sweets we gave away the gulab jamun and sooji halwa. We also gave away some of the subzis plus all the Khichadi because we had eaten Khichadi for breakfast that yesterday. The leftover rotis were happily eaten by me in the morning today.

Would recommend both Greenr Cafe and Panchavati Gaurav as their food is outstanding. I wish Panchavati Gaurav starts using bio-degradable containers.

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