Restaurant Review – Kachori Kaka

While we prefer home cooked food everyday, we do order in or eat out sometimes. In that process, we have discovered really amazing restaurants !! Read my earlier post Restaurant Review – Greenr Cafe and Panchavati Gaurav. Our latest find is Kachori Kaka, another pure vegetarian restaurant.

Kachori Kaka is in Chakkarpur, Gurgaon. Like their name suggests, their staple offering is different kinds of kachoris. A few other reasons why we love this restaurant are –

  1. Only whole wheat flour is used. All their samosas, kachoris and puris are made with whole wheat flour !! No maida. They actually put that on their packing boxes as well. Why eat snacks made with Maida when we can get them in whole wheat ?
  2. No white sugar is used. Kachori Kaka uses jaggery. Even for their lassi and thandai, they use jaggery. And everything is made with Ghee instead of oil. So one need not worry if the oil has been used and reused several times over :(.
  3. No plastic packing containers. One of the main reasons we try and avoid ordering food in, is because of the rampant use of plastic containers to pack the food. We are not sure of the quality of plastic used as well. With this restaurant, you can be rest assured that everything comes packed in paper containers. Paper straws are sent for the beverages.
Kachori Kaka

The restaurant seems to be community service oriented as well.

Kachori Kaka

Kachori Kaka is a great alternative to Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts too as they have a chocolate filled kachori that tastes so much better than the donuts !!

Also, they serve mini kachoris and mini sooji halwa …. bite sized servings when you have a snack craving but don’t want to stuff your face with it. That’s probably what got my attention the first time.

Kachori Kaka

So the next time you have a snack craving – just order from Kachori Kaka. You won’t be disappointed !!

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