PGPMax Leadership Summit 2021 – Join us now !

The PGPMax Leadership Summit 2021 has been kicked off !!!! Its slicker and even more bigger than the first edition last year. This year its a hybrid model – we have some of our friends attending in person and a whole bunch of us attending online. Feel free to join after registering on this link –

PGPMax leadership Summit kick off !

I love technology because it truly feels like we are sitting at the venue as the Summit progresses. Here’s Dean Madan Pilutla speaking about how the school started and about how we can decode disruption :).

Dean Madan Pilutla

It was great to know that Dean Madan is a movie buff and that he speaks Tamil and Telugu.

Today’s agenda is packed and please don’t miss it for anything –


Join the PGPMax Leadership Summit 2021 to hear Mr. Sanjiv Mehta, Executive Board Member, ISB; Chairman & MD, Unilever; President, Unilever South Asia shares insights on ‘Disruption & Change: Stepping-Stones for a Sustainable Tomorrow.


Mr. Sanjiv Mehta is followed by Mr. Sanjay Nayar Executive Board Member, ISB; CEO & Board Member, KKR & Co. Inc. India for a session on ‘Innovative and Sustainable Business Models: Impact on Investing’. This session is being moderated by Amreshwar Sati, PGPMAX Co ’19, Chief Operating Officer, iE3 Innovations Pvt. Ltd.


Join us now to decode disruption !!!

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