Random Geo-Neo-Religio political Thoughts

As I started to relive our Turkey trip in 2010, I started seeing several geo-neo-religio political changes in a new light. Wanted to ask some questions and offer some data.

Twenty Five geo-neo-religio political Questions –

  1. What has Turkey got to do with Kashmir ? Why does it support Pakistan’s claim on Kashmir ? Also bringing it up in the UN forum is totally uncalled for !
  2. Is Turkey-Pakistan-Malaysia, the new Fundamentalist Islamic axis? Malaysia refuses to extradite Zakir Naik…. who clearly has been stoking Islamic fundamentalism in India.
  3. Last I heard, Greece was bankrupt. But there were 13000 refugees at Greece’s border with Turkey in March 2020. They were Syrian and Afghan refugees. When there are Middle Eastern countries that are oil rich, why do Muslim refugees flock to Greece and other parts of Europe?
  4. Are Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar etc not part of the UN? Why are Syrian refugees not given shelter by these countries ?
  5. India has to provide shelter to Rohingyas in Kashmir and in Kerala, but Pakistan and other Arab countries cannot. Interestingly, the Rohingyas won’t walk across to China which has a 2000 km long border with Myanmar, but they will walk 2000 Kms + to settle in Kashmir.
  6. Aamir Khan is scared of living in intolerant India but feels totally secure while meeting Turkey’s first lady.
  7. Tibet is gobbled up by China in broad daylight and the UN does a Mona Lisa. :):)
  8. Why did President Barack Obama get the Nobel Peace Prize within months of becoming the President, when President Trump has actually brokered the Arab-Israel friendship and pulled US troops back from “endless” wars?
  9. Taliban is now “good” and a political party :). Till recently, Soviet Russia and the US kept funding them at different times and were for or against them as it suited their political ambitions. I foolishly thought Taliban was a terrorist organization.
  10. Taliban that insists on Sharia law and treats women as “objects” is acceptable but RSS, that works silently in disaster relief, rehabilitation and nation building is not acceptable. Just because they ask their cadres to put India first ???
  11. Sweden and Norway saw riots because a copy of the Quran was burnt…. Two temples have been vandalised in Andhra, but Sushhhhhh, don’t say a word ! You are a Hindu, be tolerant.
  12. World Vision India receives nearly Rs. 400 crores annually through foreign donations. Why are so many children still hungry/uneducated/poor in India ? Incentivized conversions to Christianity is rampant in TamilNadu…Nearly 30% of the population is Christian today (alarming rise in numbers) and nearly every lane in Chennai has a church, WHY???. World Vision’s India HQ is in Chennai. Draw your own conclusions.
  13. In Laos there are several dams being built over the mighty Mekong. The electricity that will be generated will go to China while Laos remains dirt poor. UN, wanna talk about this?
  14. Chinese farmers do farming in large tracts of land in Africa to feed the millions back home in China. Africans remain malnourished and poor. Why?
  15. On Aug 4, 2020, Beirut had a massive explosion in which 200 people died, nearly 6500 people were injured and 300,000 people rendered homeless. The explosion was due to wrong storage of Ammonium Nitrate confiscated from the abandoned ship M V Rhosus. Why are ships abandoned ? Who takes responsibility for the damages caused ?
  16. Why don’t rich countries do the hazardous job of “Ship breaking”? Why poor Bangladesh, India and Pakistan have to suffer ? This is the world’s cheapest place to scrap ships.
  17. Who will take responsibility for the oil spills that happen regularly ? The environmental damage that it causes is huge, but no one talks about it ….
  18. Some Latin American countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan are using drugs as a weapon. Pakistan has effectively wiped out one generation in Punjab and continues to pump in drug money through Bollywood. The UN seems to be in deep slumber on this new form of war.
  19. The Chinese virus has wreaked havoc on the World economy, but China refuses to acknowledge its role. Implications ? The dragon is trying to change the game and become the world leader?
  20. Why does the UN not help Cambodia in removing the unexploded landmines that maim several thousands every year?
  21. Laos is the most bombed country in the world, thanks to the United States of America. Why is the US removing the UXO’s at a snail’s pace? http://legaciesofwar.org/resources/cluster-bomb-fact-sheet/
  22. While we blame the Chinese virus for bringing the world to a standstill, we drink several bottles of sweet carbonated water peddled by Coca Cola and Pepsi ! The “cola” pandemic is bigger and worser because it has made human beings obese, leading to other health complications besides reducing their natural immunity. BUT Coca Cola and Pepsi are “admired” for their success.
  23. Genetic modification of crops, forcing the world to adopt wheat and corn as staples, rampant use of pesticides/anti-biotics – gifts of the American hegemony.
  24. The Pharma industry is the real “United Nations”. They reduce the blood sugar level at which a peson becomes diabetic and sell “pre-diabetic” pills to half the world. They make perfectly healthy people pop pills for common cold and fever. Some drug manufacturers fake test results or hide side effects and a sick world keeps getting sicker. And Bill Gates makes more money from vaccine companies than Microsoft. Really ?
  25. The last question – How did billionaires get richer by $637 billion during the coronavirus pandemic ??

And we continue talking of a democratic, free market economy across the world … and a robust United Nations ! Where art thou, George Orwell ?

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