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I have been thinking, rethinking and further thinking some more for a year about buying an oven. I had a microwave oven till 5 years back. Gave that away because of all the negative feedback about microwaves in general. Am still unsure if all the feedback is valid. The only thing I agreed with was the fact that microwave ovens use plastic cookware and however great the plastic is, its a health hazard.

Finally I took the decision to buy an OTG. I spoke to some of my friends who are expert bakers and then started shortlisting OTGs on Amazon. Almost everyone suggested I buy a Morphy Richards OTG. I found one 60 Litre OTG that was on sale and bought it. It arrived the next day and the minute I looked at the box, I knew this was going back to Amazon :):). I still took out the oven and put it in the kitchen. It filled half my kitchen slab… and I have a decent sized kitchen. I quickly repacked it and initiated a return.

Rajesh and Seema came home a day after I returned the Morphy Richards OTG. Seema spoke of how she uses her Air Fryer for making samosas, tikkis etc. I went back to my research on Amazon and found Havells Air Oven Digi was on sale. Neither the Havells website nor the Amazon website had complete details !! I read every single review and decided to take a chance and ordered the Air Oven.

The minute I unpacked the Air Oven, I was happy. It is compact, just big enough for a sporadic baker like me. It comes with a rotisserie drum, two baking/grill trays, a large Airfryer basket, and a drip tray.

  • Air Oven

I have made several snacks on the Air Oven besides baking bread and experimenting with eggless cakes.

  • Nan Khatai
  • A few things to remember –
    • The rotisserie drum has to be fitted with the lid-side being on the right. It does not rotate otherwise
    • You can use steel boxes or plates to bake flat bread or pizzas etc.
    • There is an option to de-hydrate spices, nuts, vegetables etc which is very useful.
    • Always use the grill/baking tray in the second slot, closer to the bottom. Things get burnt in the edges otherwise.
    • Please insert the steel mesh below the fan (in the roof of the oven’s cavity) before using the Air Oven.
    • I am yet to make crisp chips of any kind – so the jury is out on that one still.

I found a good video online. Please view this before making your decision on whether to buy this Air fryer + OTG combo or not.

Now let’s see how long I stay excited about baking :):). Homemade Bread.

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