Nature’s Rhythm

The winters are well and truly gone ! Spring is here. Its truly fascinating to watch nature’s rhythm. The season’s change and the Earth, except for human beings, changes completely. I have a potted Curry leaf plant. It gave off no new shoots, and the old fragile branches also were wilting. Amma was unsure if the plant would survive the winter.

Krishnan is the one who waters all the plants and he did that without fail. Just a little water during winters early in the morning. Ten days back I saw there were flowers !

Nature's Rhythm
Curry Leaf plant on March 9, 2021

You can still see the wilted fragile branches below but there is fresh new energy in the plant !!

Today I clicked another picture as the plant is growing and giving off new branches. Its so amazing to see the transformation in this tiny plant. I had written last year about the Grit – in Plants. That was the lemongrass plant which again nearly wilted in the winters and is back with a vengeance :):).

Nature's Rhythm
The Curry Leaf plant today, March 19, 2021. It has given off new branches and that’s what spring does 🙂

Human Beings and Nature’s Rhythm

Human beings are out of touch with nature’s rhythm … especially in the big cities. Till the pandemic hit, we had no time to stop and smell the roses. Now that the pandemic is receding, we are rushing to make up for time lost !

The curry leaf plant springing to life is a great metaphor for us. Introspect when challenges (winters) are around and spring into action when the season changes. Its also a lesson that everything has a place and pace of growth on Earth.

Just stay tuned to Nature’s Rhythm.

Food and Health

Fruits and vegetables are all seasonal and they bring you the nutrients that you need in order to manage that season. While cold storage technology is great and ensures mankind can weather droughts and food shortage, its also important to eat seasonal food.

Watch what vegetables and fruits become available at different times of the year and eat more of them. Watermelons and Mangoes in Summers, Cauliflower and Broccoli in Winters and so on … they also taste amazing only when they are in season.

Enjoy Nature’s rhythms and stay tuned !

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