A Kanchi Silk Saree – Direct from the Weaver !

During the lockdown several handloom weavers struggled to sell their sarees. Shops were closed, online sites were unable to deliver and many of the aggregators also did not collect the stock since no one could meet anyone. I follow the firebrand Ms. Shefali Vaidya for both her political views as well as her saree collection. She had posted about Mr. Gopinath, a weaver of Kanchi silk sarees. She had shared his phone number on her FB page.

I saved her post and finally got in touch with Gopinath in Feb this year. He had two sarees that I liked immensely and I bought both of them, one for Amma and one for myself. Wore mine on March 14, 2021.

Kanchi Silk Saree - Gopinath
Kanchi Silk Saree from Gopinath, a beautiful baby pink and bright fuchsia pink pallu.

I loved everything about this saree. Gopinath uses pure silk, and pure silver zari should you choose a saree with zari. This one is without zari and it drapes like a dream.

Kanchi Silk Saree and Me

As many of you know, am a saree addict and the Kanchi “Pattu” (silk) saree is my favourite. I was a regular at Kumaran silks and have bought many sarees from them. The sad change that I started to see over the years, is the mixing of polyester yarn with silk in order to bring down the prices. The other trend that was very tacky was the use of “tested” zari.. don’t know what its made of but can’t stand the thing.

I can’t wear the polyester “pattu” saree. It immediately makes me feel sick, sweaty and very uncomfortable. I also experience static which is nasty with these sarees.

Ever since my education in the handloom world began in late 2016, I have completely shifted all my purchases to Cooptex or other authentic handloom saree sellers.

A handwoven saree is like draping art … unique and unmatched.

Gopinath Silks and Sarees

Please check out Gopinath’s website – https://gopinath-silk-sarees.business.site. You can contact him directly at +919894665297. His Twitter handle is @GO2Peak.

The sarees are authentic silk sarees and the zari is real. The young entrepreneur Gopinath is equally authentic, ethical and believes in doing his best. Do support him. #VocalForLocal

#ILoveHandloom #SupportOurWeavers

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  1. Thank you for given me the opportunity to make you feel happy. By bringing happiness at customers heart, I feel done my job better mam.

    • Dear friend, It would be unfair to post the price here. Its not expensive for a pure silk saree. Please get in touch with Gopinath at 98946 65297. He will share the price and also other sarees in his collection. 🙏🏿


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