Urban Jungle Squabblers :)

Today during our morning walk, we witnessed two gangs of Jungle Babblers squabble loudly. These tiny birds have loud voices ! They flit about in groups and we could identify two clear groups of Jungle Babblers that were arguing about something. Obviously we couldn’t understand what they were arguing about. I just captured a short video –

Jungle Babblers squabbling

A couple of days back, a Peahen wandered into our condo complex. She walked around one of the lawns and then across to a small vegetable patch. We found her walking back towards the gate and clicked a few photographs.

Pea Hen
A PeaHen in the lawn
Pea Hen Jungle
Find the PeaHen … beautifully camouflaged !

If the Peahen chose to stay amongst the plants, she just wouldn’t be seen immediately. Even in an urban setting, Nature offers such amazing camouflage.

Pea Hen Jungle Babbler
Find the Jungle Babbler in this picture !

Its always wonderful to watch birds and other species that inhabit our Earth. In our efforts to be on top of the food chain, we tend to forget the awe inspiring variety of life forms around us. Everything in Nature is interconnected – the germs, the worms, birds, fishes, animals, and of course human beings.

We give ourselves undue attention and drive many other species to extinction by overusing Earth’s resources and taking over their habitats. Seeing these birds going about their routines is such a pleasant feeling !

Do read my earlier post – Myna Mafia Don Hoon 🙂. These mafia like Myna’s continue demanding their Marie biscuits and we are happy to give it to them. Waiting for those parakeets to make a stop over soon…

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