Biscuit eating Birds !

Our living room balcony always has a tray of water for the birds, whether its summers or winters. The pigeons of course are the main visitors but every now and then we get to see other birds, even sparrows. There is a crow that comes early in the morning and demands a biscuit from us. The biscuit has to be kept on top of the air-conditioner’s compressor unit that is kept outside, no where else.

This crow will call Mom by cawing near her bathroom and then she has to pour fresh water into the tray and leave that biscuit. If the school near by opens, then this crow will come whenever its food supply falls short, not daily. I tried giving a piece of roti to it one day thinking biscuits have no nutrition and why should birds eat biscuits, but that went untouched.

Yesterday this smart crow came and asked for its biscuit in the afternoon. We kept it on the AC’s unit and the pigeons pushed it down. Just see the next three pictures and you will see why the crow is called an intelligent bird.

The biscuit has gone just a little under the AC unit because it was pushed down by the pigeons.
The broken biscuit piece has been pushed out in the open
The smart crow picks up its treat 🙂
A small piece is left and is gifted to the other birds

There is a family of 5 parrots/parakeets that never come to our balcony but keep flitting across our block and create a huge ruckus. They made a nest in our neighbour’s balcony that is right next to Mom’s bedroom last year. If I kept small bits of fruit outside Mom’s window, they would pick it up. But it appears that even the parrots are spoilt – they too have taken to eating biscuits !!

Yesterday two of them came to our balcony and apparently chirped about. Mom went and poured water and Krishnan gave them bits of biscuit and they drank the water and took all the bits of biscuits with them.

Biscuit eating parrots

They are so pretty !!! I missed all the action because I was taking a nap :(. Hopefully they will be back today and I will try giving them fruit rather than biscuits.

What have we done to the birds … we first spoilt dogs by feeding them bread and biscuits, which have no nutrition and are not really food, and now we seem to have spoilt the birds even. We have given up on biscuits just now …. after decades of eating them. Biscuits have high sugar and are made with refined flour – there is zero nutrition in them. Please snack on peanuts, roasted bengal gram or other nuts. You can eat the nuts with jaggery if you have a sweet tooth, but stay away from biscuits. The worst are glucose biscuits, just plain white sugar that keeps kids on a high with no nutritional value.

#EatHealthy #SayNoToSugar

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