Incredulous India – foreign returned is good !

Watch our movies of the early 60s and 70s, you would find actresses able to dance the western dance being more popular, considered modern and smart and even in Seeta aur Geeta, the smarter Geeta is shown wearing western clothes, roller skating etc. Raj Kapoor as the poor man would still be wearing a tattered coat, hat, torn shoes…all well to do men would wear a suit, tie, polished shoes. We considered eating with a fork and spoon as the right way to eat…. Sitting on the pot rather than use an Indian toilet. Now there is clear scientific evidence that the Indian toilet is designed to put the human body in the right posture to eliminate !! Now the Western world is aping India and we continue to build western toilets :(:(. Am still considered “behenji” type since I insist on wearing sarees everywhere … While the office going ladies in most metros have mostly switched to western wear or the salwar suits. They are certainly easier to wear and nothing against them, but am just talking about the way impressions are formed – once people know me, ofcourse they realise that only my attire is old fashioned :):):). When some fashion magazine, rated the sari as the sexiest outfit, some of our fashionistas immediately shifted from the little black dress to the sheer clingy black sari !! Any western endorsement helps. 

Yoga was an Indian export, but till the Hollywood stars made it popular it was considered silly to indulge in Yoga. Ofcourse several sneers were added to the millions that PM Modi has got so far when he urged the UN to declare June 21 as the International Yoga day. We still have resistance in schools to introduce Yoga because some religious groups feel it’s propagating Hinduism. Hopefully with the US court clearly ruling that Yoga is just a form of exercise and not Hindu propaganda we should soon be adopting it. 

I still remember when I worked with Pizza Corner, and was stunned to learn that we first setup shop in Chennai and that Pizza Corner was the first chain to introduce pizzas to Chennai. When I met with some of my friends there when I went visiting the outlets, they said they would have pizzas and go home to eat the staple curd rice !! Ofcourse they would do that after eating Paranthas too :). Now Dominos delivery is on speed dial and everywhere children eat pizzas and McDonald burgers as though they were gourmet food ….. Indian food ? Oh that’s so LS. Obesity ? That’s because the genes are faulty. I wonder why those who starve never have faulty genes … Guess I just don’t get it as am MS, neither LS nor HS. (S – Society or social status basis your supposed bank balance; L,M,H – Low, Middle, High).

The only person to whom we don’t extend this courtesy is our PM Mr. Modi. Earlier we had a PM who never went anywhere, remained silent and was faithful to the dying CONgress. Now we have a PM who is super connected, speaks inspiringly all the time, is feted by the western world but he still hasn’t been able to win the business houses owned media and some sections of the pseudo secular, pseudo intellectual. Guess what, even our wonderful neighbour has endorsed this government’s accomplishments as this video suggests, but all we can do is to find every opportunity to negate his good work. Just saw the news headline that says CONgress will send a spokesperson to every country that PM Modi visits to fix the “lies” he spreads about their rule. Typical waste of the taxpayers money – send your spokespersons to every constituency and ask them to “work” rather than speak !! If PM Modi lies about your achievements in America, it doesn’t matter, the NRI votes won’t swing the election results. There is a limit to being stupid – please don’t waste my money. If you folks don’t want to work for me and this country’s upliftment, resign from the party and the parliament, let go of politics and become a regular tax paying citizen. Modi is not your problem, stupidity is and it’s probably genetic. 

Do watch this short clip … It’s a Pakistan news channel, not Indian 🙂

Modi Govt’s accomplishments

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