Incredulous India !

Feb 22 – April 16… 56 days

Feb 23 – corporate espionage drama unfolds further. This Govt seems hellbent on doing all the right things like not letting the big bucks influence decisions …. Remember, Reliance had been running the country for a long time, petroleum ministers changed at will… 

Feb 24 – Land Acquisition bill introduced and opposition walks out. Priyanka Gandhi doesn’t want the HP govt to release details of her properties in the state. I thought a non-himachali couldn’t buy property there … 

Feb 25 – finance commission raises share of states in central taxes to 42 pc. Protests over Mohan Bhagwat’s comment on Mother Teresa working for conversion continues. 

Feb 26 – Super duper railway budget presented by Suresh Prabhu. Guess what, PM Modi brought him in as Railway minister in Nov 2014… Just 6 months back this Govt had been sworn in. 

Feb 27 – Lankan Navy arrests 86 fishermen, seizes boats

Feb 28 – Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame dies at 83. PM Modi reiterates yet again, that his Govt only religion is India first. Jaishankar, our foreign secretary will visit Pakistan on March 3. Union budget 2015 presented … And a really good one. 

March 1 – PDP-BJP govt sworn in, in J&K … Significant move to solve the Kashmir issue democratically. Mufti Mohammed Sayeed says he wants “Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikas”. Remember President Obama mentioned it, as did John Kerry. Well, PM Modi’s one liners going places …

March 2 – Yogendra Yadav speaks of AAP’s expansion.. The last time they tried, it was a disaster and poor Mr. Yadav didn’t see the axe flying his way !!

March 3 – PM Modi eats in the parliament canteen with MPs. Leslie Udwin’s short controversial movie “India’s daughter” released.

March 4 – Sensex breaches 30000 for the first time…. AAP global supporters wish for unity in the party. Arvind Kejriwal resigns as national Convener.  

March 5 – Kejriwal heads to Bangalore clinic for detoxification after Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan are removed from the political affairs committee of AAP.

March 6 – Swine flu toll crosses 300 in Rajasthan. Have you wondered why Bill Gates has a huge stake in vaccine companies ?? 

March 7 – Mufti govt releases Kashmiri separatist Masarat Alam.

March 8 – senior journalist Vinod Mehta dies. RIP. Hope the ones you defended atleast remember you. 

March 10 – Solar Impulse 2 (Si2), world first solar propelled aircraft lands in Ahmedabad

March 11 – PM Modi starts tri-nation visit with Seychelles, the first PM to visit Seychelles after 33 years…. Small country ? Did we realise the maritime potential of this small country ? Former PM Manmohan Singh summoned in the coal scam case.

March 12 – PM Modi in Mauritius as Chief Guest of their Independence Day celebrations. Inks 5 pacts with Mauritius and offers a $500 million line of credit. 

March 13 – PM Modi in Sri Lanka… First PM in 28 years to visit Sri Lanka. 

March 14 – Delhi police wants physical description of Rahul Gandhi, color of his eyes etc. AAP drama continues.

March 16 – IAS officer D K Ravi commits suicide 

March 17 – Supreme Court scraps reservation for Jats. 

March 18 – “India’s daughter” documentary film banned till April 15.

March 21 – Renuka Choudhary accused of taking a bribe …. Delhi facing worst water crisis.. AAP clueless

March 23 – Singapore founder father Lee Kuan Yew dies at 91. What a legend and what a legacy !! Swine flu toll crosses 1900 mark, 32000 affected

March 26 – India life to Australia in World Cup semi-finals

March 27 – Bharat Ratna conferred on Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee at his residence 


March 31 – Salman Khan’s driver finally owns up to the accident in which a few pavement dwellers were killed after 13 years. 

April 1 to 11 – 5600 people rescued by India – Operation Rahat led by Gen V K Singh. Praised by one and all, except the Indian media .. 960 nationals of 41 countries also rescued besides 4000+ Indians 

April 12 – Sania Mirza becomes world No. 1 doubles player along with Martina Hingis.

Are you tired of reading these headlines ? Missing something here ? Any important name missed ? Well, if we see in the 56 days that one twit was “thinking” somewhere a lot happened in our country and the world. Isn’t it strange that we have hashtag after hashtag about where he is and when he would return. NOBODY wants to know. NOBODY missed the twit. 

The CONgress is on its deathbed and God alone knows what the declassified Subhas Chandra Bose files will reveal. Why is a section of the media trying to prop up a lost case, the Nehru dynasty has finally produced its own full stop. This is how a dynasty ends …. Can we please give them the honor of ignoring them ? The twit doesn’t have the decency to say hello to the sycophants and boot lickers that went to receive him at the airport and why is there so much secrecy ? Did they genetically mutate him in the hope that some working grey cells get transplanted or did they clone him or are we going to see a “Face off” like situation ?

I spent an hour writing out most of these news items from memory, just needed the dates for accuracy – am sure most of us could do the same. Ask the twit to have a cogent reply to any of these …. What a waste of the taxpayers time, money and mindshare. Please don’t vote the twit back to the parliament, if all that he will do is to take two months off to “think”. Even thoughts don’t travel in a vacuum. The truth is – there is no hope left for the sick, dying, dirty CONgress. The sooner they get it the better it is. And all those supercilious, dumb, good-for-nothing boot lickers who try and defend this twit – get a life, don’t demean yourselves and don’t waste our time. 

Ok am done with the twit too… Like that supercilious friend of his father’s he deserves no time of mine. I am working on making India better. 

Jai Hind !! 

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