Postcards from Bilaspur 

Dates that we stayed at Bilaspur – April 10th to 13th

Hotel – Lake view, a HPTDC property.

Rooms – clean and airy, large rooms. The suite has a nice balcony. There is enough parking. Just noisy because the hotel is on the main road.

Food – just had the tawa rotis … Awesome !

The main market is about a kilometre downhill and has enough vegetable and fruit shops for you to stock up on. A line of small eateries make great Paranthas in the morning. Polythene bags are banned in Himachal and am so glad they are ! So carry your own bag and would suggest that you carry a box for packing the Paranthas because they would otherwise wrap them in Newspaper which is not really hygienic.

View from the balcony of the Lake view restaurant. This is the Gobind Sagar lake. And some of the buildings are from the time that the King ruled in Bilaspur.


some of the houses and the view of the lake on the other side


We let the sacred cow eat plastic and polythene :(. This is as we enter the main market


Look for these footpaths along the main road, they are safer and clean to walk on. Its a nice idea for people who like walking around.


This is on the way to Una from Bilaspur. Himachal is visually stunning !


my personal favorite. Its a place called Bagher, just before Ghumarvin.


Stunning … right ?

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