Homemade Bread

I love bread. Krishnan never ate bread till we got married. Appa also loved bread. Amma will eat one slice IF and only if Amul salted butter is given with it. No other butter would do. Even though I love it so much, I never tried homemade bread till recently. Krishnan and I spent a few months in Mumbai during our bankruptcy in 1997. We enjoyed the Mumbai chutney sandwich every now and then. The sandwich stand outside New College, is iconic and we really enjoyed that sandwich.

When we met Vijaya Mami (Dr. Vijaya Venkat) and learnt about the harmful effects of wheat, I made an effort to reduce the frequency of eating it. I also tried looking out for whole wheat bread instead of the regular white bread. Earlier the options were limited, but for the past 10 years, you get all kinds of bread in India.

Milk Basket has sourdough, ragi, wholewheat, oats and regular white bread. I have been buying the “Paushtaa” brand of breads and dinner rolls. They make wholewheat bread without sugar.

Homemade Bread

I made bread at home a couple of times after coming back from our Mongolia trip in 2015. I was taught how to make bread on a stove at the White Lake camp. The results were “ok” not great. I just dropped the whole idea soon enough.

As soon as we got the Havells Air Oven, I asked Swati for the wholewheat bread recipe and tried it. The result was awesome tasting bread, without preservatives and sugar. I followed the recipe given in the video below, substituting water for milk.

Wholewheat bread recipe – Hebbar’s kitchen

Here are some pictures of the homemade bread that I baked –

  • Homemade bread

And because I got ambitious and I had some apples at home, I made Apple pie too !

Apple pie

The syrup was a bit runny because I just used jaggery and didn’t make it into a thick syrup. Otherwise the apple pie tasted yum.

Am just so thrilled that I could make a good loaf of bread and just the thought that I can make it anytime I wish is so satisfying.


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