A Fun & Healthy Snack !

I love bread… I can eat it just like that without anything on it or as a sandwich or with just butter and pepper. It can be a meal or a snack but its not necessarily very healthy. Even if baked at home with the best of ingredients, (Khapli wheat or any other heirloom wheat flour) its still not the best thing to eat regularly. Homemade Bread.

So we need fun ideas to make bread healthier and the one sure shot way of doing that is using things like homemade peanut butter, lots of vegetables, paneer etc. That way you eat less of the bread and the effects even out.

Just recently I have “discovered” a new healthy way of eating bread as a snack :).

My mother makes a sweet and spicy pickle of orange or kinnow rinds (outer skin). Apparently my paternal grandmother loved it and would make it often. Trust my Paati to not waste anything …. she probably planted the orange seeds as well. Amma makes this pickle really well and it stays for a whole year. She makes it during the winters when we get good quality oranges and kinnows.

I use this pickle in salads and then one day I just tried it with bread. It tasted divine and soon became a favourite snack for Krishnan and me.

Snack - bread and orange rind pickle
Apply homemade butter liberally and top it with orange rind pickle 🙂
Snack - orange pickle and bread
The bite sized treat 🙂

Orange/Kinnow rind pickle Recipe

Note : Please use only organic, pesticide free oranges or kinnows’ rind. If you use the oranges available in the market at the lowest price, this would not be a healthy pickle.

A cup full of orange rind, diced into small pieces, 1.25 C jaggery, 3 or 4 green chillies, 1/4 C water.

In a saucepan, heat 1/4 C oil and let some mustard sputter, add the green chillies cut into small pieces and the cup full of orange rind and sauce them. Add the jaggery and 1/4 C water and cook till it becomes like a paste or jam. The orange rind pieces won’t completely crumble and that is how it should be.

If you are an OPOSer, you can just use the OPOS SSH and get this done in under 5 minutes. :):).

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Enjoy the tasty and healthy snack !

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