Bread Chana Chaat

As I have mentioned in several posts, I love bread and Krishnan never liked it. Over the years, Krishnan has developed a taste for the sandwiches that I make and more recently he loves the eggless omelette. The one positive memory that Krishnan has with bread from when he was a young boy is eating “Bread Chana” at a restaurant in Chennai with his maternal grandfather. He loved that.

I make Chana/Choley regularly. We love eating it with pooris, rotis and even rice. A few times I have had bread ready so have made bread chana as a snack or even as a breakfast item. Its easy to make and the chana makes it nutritious. I made the bread chana chaat a couple of days back.

Bread Chana Chaat

The recipe is simple – toast the bread slices with ghee and make them crisp. I kept aside a portion of the Chana that I had made for poori, but you can make that fresh also. Heat that in a pan, break the toasted bread slices into small pieces and add it to the choley. For serving it as chaat, pour some Saunth or sweet chutney over it, add chopped onions and Bhujia. This is a filling snack and tastes really good.

Bread Chana Chaat

I had made a passing mention of the bread chana in an earlier post of mine – Airawat …. not the elephant !

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