Airawat …. not the elephant !

The only Airawat I knew all along was the five tusked pristine white elephant that belonged to God Indra. Then I read about “Airaavatha” the Volvo buses run by Karnataka state bus service. Finally I now know that Airawat is also a Konkan Sweet and Sour dip ! I read about this dip in the OPOS cookbook and made it a couple of weeks back when Dhanush, Nachi and Kousalya were here.


Absolutely loved the taste. Its almost like the “Ingi Kuzhambu” (Ginger stew?) that Radha Athai makes, but a slightly sweeter version. I made this dip when I made “bread-chana” for breakfast as a sauce to pour over the bread-chana. Then I used it another day mixed with some coriander leaves and green chillies as an instant sandwich spread. Both versions were a big hit. Am sure this would work as a salad dressing and with Momo fillings. Will try those next.

Easy to make and tastes awesome. Go ahead, enjoy with Pakodas, Samosas and any other fried stuff – the monsoon season is here 17 days earlier anyway.

Note – OPOS is trademarked. Its a cooking methodology developed by Ramakrishnan. Please join the FB page “OPOS Support Group” to learn the methodology or buy the e-book OPOS Cookbook – 5 minute magic. 


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