An Indie Food Truck !

Every time we come to Hyderabad, we eat at my cousin Koka’s current favorite food joint. He keeps discovering these jems that serve outstanding breakfast or snack items. This time he suggested a food joint run by a Tamilian from Palghat.

His younger daughter took us to this food joint which is on the main road connecting Sainikpuri to ECIL X Road between the two arches of Dr. A S Rao Nagar. Its on the left when you are moving towards ECIL X Road.

To our delight, we realised it was not a cart or sit down mini food joint but a food truck ! We love the concept of food trucks and someday may want to try our hands on one. At least we would like to cook and serve as we keep travelling. 😁 We have also tried convincing our friends Anu and Keshav to get a food truck in Munich and have offered to volunteer as help for a couple of months in a year.

Food Truck
The owner himself makes dosas :). This is the back of a mini truck.
Food Truck
Mysore Bonda
Food Truck
Chutney, Sambar, Podi

The only thing I feel bad about buying food in the various food joints in Dr. A S Rao Nagar is the massive use of plastic bags/sheets etc. I always carry containers and ask for everything to be put in our containers, but haven’t seen anyone else do it. Sometimes, the food packer would wrap the idli or dosa in a plastic wrap and then put them in my container 🙄.

We got breakfast for the three of us @ 140/-… unbelievably inexpensive ! The food tasted really good too. Its fresh prepared local food like Idli-dosa-pesarattu that we eat at home for breakfast, so if it tastes good, its a business that will succeed.

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