A Vegetarian Protein Drink

This protein drink was my mother-in-law’s favourite. I don’t like any lentil so all these years, I stayed away from making it. Suddenly, out of the blue Krishnan asked me if I knew how to make Amma’s “Paitham Kanji”. I said yes and made it. I have to admit, I LOVED it too.

Paitham Kanji – A Vegetarian Protein Drink

Its a simple recipe – cook Paitham Paruppu aka Moong daal till its mushy. I added a dollop of ghee, but you can choose not to. Use a hand blender or mixie to blend the mushy daal into a thick milkshake consistency. Add milk and a sweetner and bring it to boil. I added some coconut milk as we are trying not to have regular milk and used jaggery for the sweetner. Sugar/Date syrup/Corn Syrup – anything works. If you want some flavouring, you can add cardamom or dried ginger or whatever you else.

This protein drink is easily digestible, so senior citizens or children can drink it. It has no chemicals like the store bought protein drinks do.

Paitham Kanji - Protein Drink
Paitham Kanji – A Vegetarian Protein Drink

Its filling too, so you can use it as a dinner replacement.

I made it for some of our friends and they loved it. This has now become a standard dinner at home, atleast once a week. I never imagined that I will be making Paitham Kanji so often. Every time I make it, the added bonus is, I remember my wonderful Mother-in-law ❤️. Am sure she is laughing sitting up there, because I now eat many things that I refused to touch earlier.

As a new bride I got introduced to Amma’s lip smacking utterly delicious food. My mother cooks well, but her repertoire is smaller than my mother-in-law’s. I liked almost everything that my mother-in-law would make, but I had huge trouble with Mustard seeds and turmeric. Amma would use them liberally in Rasam and Sambar. I still remember picking out mustard seeds much to Amma’s amusement ! Then I told her that she uses too much turmeric :):). Everything else I gobbled up without a murmur.

Amma (M-I-L) introduced me to the world of cooking and what a great teacher she was ! The Paitham Kanji is forever dedicated to her.


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