A Much Loved Banarasi

I absolutely love this Banarasi Saree of mine … Bought it from Valkalam Sarees in Varanasi when we visited Kashi in Dec 2010. I bought some of the most beautiful sarees in that trip. Since I didn’t know about handloom and handwoven sarees at that time, I got a few power loom sarees as well.

I wore this saree for the second time during a very dear friend’s wedding in 2011. Here is a picture from that wedding. Krishnan is wearing the Veshti and I am of course totally colour coordinated :).

Now I have more information about Banarasi sarees. This is a buttery soft Katan silk, with a flower motif. There is a leaf motif interspersed with the flower motif.

I have worn this saree several times and it makes me smile every single time. I wore it again for Pongal this year.

Banarasi Saree - Blue

Some differences in the two photographs – am 10 years older and it shows :), my hair has grown out because I haven’t had a haircut during the pandemic and because the recent picture is taken at home, I haven’t worn any interesting matching neckpiece.

What is not different is the Saree Addict in both the pictures !

Incase you are looking for handloom Banarasi Sarees please check out Tilfi.com.


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