For the FDIs and Andolan Jeevis

Yesterday PM Modi was in full flow in his Rajya Sabha speech. He coined two new terms in his speech, FDI – Foreign Destructive Ideology and Andolan Jeevis. With his new look of a long beard and silver hair, he looks like a Rishi. Its India’s good Karma that we have him as the leader at this critical juncture when anti-India forces are at their peak besides the Wuhan Virus pandemic.

My batchmate and dear friend Arun posted a minute by minute update of Mr. Modi’s speech in Rajya Sabha yesterday. Am posting the entire thread here, particularly for the FDIs – Foreign Destructive Ideology holders and the Andolan Jeevis. A great example of Andolan Jeevis is Yogendra Yadav who changes his field of expertise faster than Mr. S Chandrashekar. The nephew of Sir C V Raman, Mr. Chandrashekhar is the only scientist known to have changed his field of research every ten years.

Arun’s Tweet thread reposted – Andolan Jeevis and FDIs

If you aren't listening to @PMOIndia @narendramodi right now, please do listen. He is laying out a compelling case for the Farm loans. Irrfutable. Just listen. Brilliant!
Started off by quoting former PM Charan Singhji that in 1970 nearly 51% of farmers had < 1 hectare of land. Now that has increased to 68%. upto 2 hectares, that's 84% of all Indian farmers. These farmers don't even have bank accounts. Can't take loans. So loan writeoffs - no use
Spoke about Fasal Bima Yojana. Then Gram Sadak Yojana. All these are in aid of the "small farmer". PM keeps repeating that. #FarmLaws
His tone and tenor is very accommodating.. not combative.
"People might not want to follow what I say, at least they might listen to respected Manmohan Singhji", he says, and then quotes him in support of similar laws.
"You folks should be proud that see.. Manmohan Singhji said this.. and Modi has to follow through on it"... You can't keep the PM from taking a gentle dig I guess!:)
Gives an example of how we have done a great job in Milk distribution. "And this didn't happen during my time.. you guys can take pride in that", he says, looking at the opposition.

Milk contributes more than paddy and pulses put together. ₹8 Lakh Crores worth.

Whenever there is change, even in a family, there is always some resistance.

In the past also, during Harit Kranti revolution, there was a lot of opposition. Shastriji faced this issue that no one wanted to become Agriculture minister. Finally C. Subramaniam was made the Ag. Min
There as opposition even within the Cabinet. Left parties said the same things then that they are saying now. "Shastriji is doing all this under America's direction." :-)

Big movement. 100s of protests. But what they achieved is the reason why we don't import food

Despite record production, we still have issues in Agriculture. Even during COVID times.

There are so many laws. We always make modifications to laws. When good ideas come up, we do make changes. We are not static. I invite you to move the nation forward.

"Let the bad name and insult accrue to me. Let the good go to you."

Protests are your right. But not right that old people are sitting there. Please go talk to them and let's move forward.

"We mustn't waste the time. Colleagues or opposition. Let us not let the country slide back. If there are any shortcomings, we will fix them. 
We want Mandis to become modernized. MSP is there. MSP was there. MSP will be there.

"80 Crore people getting rations - that will also continue".
We need to also look into other ideas to improve the farmers' revenue. We have to do something so that the family of farmers with small farm holdings can get adequate money.

If we keep fighting politically, we will push our farmers into doom. 

We need to improve our dairy and cattle along with agriculture.

Talks about Solar Pumps to produce energy required by the farmer.

"Some people want India to not be peaceful. Let us not forget what happened during partition. Punjab suffered. They suffered again in 1984. It happened in J&K. It happened in the NorthEast."

"Some people are putting wrong things into the minds of our Sikh brothers. This country is proud of our Sikhs. What haven't they done for this country? ANy honor we do for them is less. Think of what the gurus have done."

We need to think about all this.

We all know some terms... "Workers, Intelligentsia". We now have an "Andolan-jeevi". These are people who are present whenever there are protests by lawyers, students, anywhere.. sometimes in front, sometimes behind. 

They can't live without protests. We need to identify them.
The country should be aware of these Andolan-jeevis. It is imperative for us to identify these people. 

See something else new. India is progressing. We are trying to get FDI. But a new FDI (Foreign Destructive Ideology) is something that we need to save our country from.
Village economy is a prime pillar of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Brings in Mahatma Gandhi to bolster his argument....

Talks about the Jaljivan scheme (Piped water).

We have tried to ensure that our mothers and sisters are taken care of, like providing gas to them. Lauds the women of our country - of the Matru-Shakti.

Our daughters are taking part in our armed forces as well. We have made sure our women get same pay.

70% of loans under Mudra yojana taken by women

The more opportunities we give our youth, they will become a foundation for our country's bright future. I am glad that people have accepted our New Education Policy.

We have also focused on our MSMEs, which is why they are playing an imp role in our economic recovery
Our problems in Naxal areas and NE is coming down because of our "Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas" policy.

Praises Ghulam Nabi Azad for his politeness. 
Talks about J&K and he has praised the steps we have taken. But i am scared. That you praised us :)
I hope your party men take it in the right spirit and not treat you like the G23 :-)

"Switches to the border clash with China. Our soldiers have stood like a rock under tough situations". 

"Our stand is very clear on the LAC issue. We are committed to Border infrastructure"

Closes with a mantra from the Vedas. 

I am not alone. I have everyone with me... etc etc.
Praises the level of discourse in Parliament. He says, even if insults were thrown at me, I feel glad. That at least I was of some use. You could take all your anger out here on me. I feel honored on this. Please keep taking this opportunity :-)
He closes his speech with a #JaiHind 


Here’s the link to Arun’s thread –

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