Beautiful – Just the Way You Are !

Five young 52 year olds were having a massive debate about who looks beautiful, whose skin is glowing and whose waist has remained the same size as in college. Yep, you guessed it right, one of the five beautiful women was me and the other four were my college mates from Wesley, Secunderabad.

Women !!! and our need to remain young and beautiful forever 😂😁. I wrote about this in March 2014 – Why should I look young?. I still feel the same way when I am 7 years older and beyond the dreaded 50 :):). Am I over the hill ? Yep, because I climbed up the hill and went over to the other side. It took longer and I was out of breath a few times but hey, the views are worth it. You can’t see the majestic mountains from the plains.

Just see the beautiful Kanchenjunga. My friend Viju sent it last year during the lockdown to lift our moods.

Kanchenjunga Beautiful

The Beautiful Lies We Are Told

  1. Sun Screen and SPF – Sun Protection Factor. I was just as gullible as the rest of my ilk about the effect of Sun Screen on the human body. I would go looking for day creams that had high SPF so that the Sun’s rays didn’t harm my face :):). What a busload of B@*L$$i%. Guess what, the Sun’s rays are essential for good health. The new wonder vitamin is Vitamin D… and pharma companies are making a neat fortune selling Vit D syrups/tablets etc. Where do you get Vit D from ? Your wonderful body synthesizes Vit D from Sunlight. See the circular economy for what it is – FMCG companies sell Sun Screens and Pharma Companies sell Vit D that didn’t get manufactured because you lathered on the Sun Screen. The stock market booms, yippee :).
  2. Glow and Lovely – The fairness cream market just became the glow market :). There is an irritating advert that shows two young girls discussing how their face glows in patches. In walks another friend of theirs, a dusky beauty (thank God for small mercies). She tells them about “glow and beauty” cream as the reason behind her face glowing. Welcome to the new round of beauty definition – glow not fair and lovely. The glow on your face will come from eating fresh organic food and happy relationships – certainly not from a tube of cream. The only other way to get the glow is to become Buddha. The enlightenment shows as glow.
  3. Fat is good – the Sugar lobby is the smartest lobby on Earth. They managed to make Fat the villain while peddling carbonated sugar syrups across the world as some health drink. If you are allowed to point out only one reason for ill health across the world today, point to a bottle of Coca Cola or Pepsi. These two giants better stop peddling poison and make up for their bad Karma by growing organic vegetables and fruits and distributing it for free across the world. It will take a few thousand years even then to reverse all that bad Karma. Every meal in the developed world is washed down with a cola :(:(. Some of my friends dont drink water, they just have Dr. Peppers or some Sprite. Fats are good for you. Ghee is essential to take nutrients to the cells. Read this article Why you must begin your day with a teaspoon of ghee on an empty stomach. Your skin will be plump, supple and young WITH HEALTH.

I can go on, but I won’t. There is no ugliness in Nature. The Whale is beautiful because its not trying to be a Snake. The snake is beautiful and glowing because its not trying to be a deer. The deer has beautiful eyes and a shiny coat speckled with gold because Nature is bountiful. You are beautiful just the way you are.

My friend and fellow ISB batchmate had posted this beautiful quote from Iris Apfel on our girls group –

Beautiful PIpa Box

Rachna Jaiswal setup Pipabox to curate a box full of organic beauty products. Most of her products are made by women cooperatives and Self Help groups, so in a way its a social enterprise. For someone selling beauty products, Rachna posting about wrinkles is the right thing to do. I admire her courage and love her conviction that beauty is innate. Just like our bodies don’t react well to chemical laden produce, our faces also prefer organic products. Do visit More importantly enjoy those wrinkles.

Each one of us is Beautiful just the Way We Are ! Nature has no ugliness. Its all in our head. So rewire yourself and feel beautiful to look beautiful 🙂

Don’t believe me ? Ok listen to Billy Joel –

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