Biden Administration – What you See is NOT What you Get !

I saved a news item a few weeks back where it mentions that Dr. Fauci had indeed funded a ‘gain-of-function’ research at the Wuhan Labs. This was when there were several articles written on how the Wuhan virus is a lab created one and not a natural virus. We need to remember that Dr. Fauci seems to have made a smooth mutation from the Trump to the Biden administration ! Some ability that 😂.

Dr.Fauci Biden Administration

The best and most detailed article so far on the Wuhan virus is this one – Origin of Covid – Following the clues.

Vaccine Plan for the World – Really ?

More recently the Biden administration made some noises about giving away vaccines across the world.

Gain of function Wuhan USA
administration - vaccine

Let look at it a little more deeply .. 500 million doses to be bought and donated to the world. That’s what you see, but what do you get ?

Biden administration - Vaccine

You read it right – 80 measly vials 🙄 which would help vaccinate 200 people …

Well, in comparison, poor India with a “Hindu Fundamentalist” PM Modi did a far better job.

Biden administration - Vaccine

I think this whole drama of 500 million doses was done because they expected the patent waiver issue to come up in the G7.

Modi administration - vaccine patent

I really feel for the Americans. The presidency has been a slippery slope since President Obama. Earlier it was President George Bush Jr under whose watch 9/11 happened and strangely enough Iraq was turned into rubble 🙄. ISIS was born and the rest as they say is history, a rather violent history.

The Trump administration may have done a few things right, but President Trump was an outsider and some of his comments on women were unacceptable. The two good things that he did was to name the elephant in every room, Islamic terror and he brought back the troops home from countries where the US had no business to be in. It wasn’t a great choice between President Trump and Hillary Clinton with her Saudi connections and no division between personal and official emails :(.

Now the Biden administration seems to be doing things in fits and starts … Some of President Biden’s comments can make President Trump blush but well, he is overall far pleasanter in public. I took a picture during his first address to Congress –

Biden - Congress

I am still trying to figure out Kamala Mami’s expression … she is far away in some other world. She is the one to watch out for, again another person in the Biden team where what you see is NOT what you get.

Interesting times ahead. I like the US of A and I truly wish them the very best. These are troubling times and all that citizens like us can do is pray for each other. All the best America 🙏🏿.

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