Happy Gregorian New Year

While every day is the start of a New Year, every community around the world has a particular day that denotes the start of the year … For the Western world that day happens to be today. And because the British empire was spread over large parts of the modern world, it appears as though everyone celebrates New Year on Jan 1.

The Egyptian, Sumerian and of course the Indian calendars are much older. The Indian calendar has a great logic and astronomical calculations that are based on facts (planetary movements) not a random day for the start of the year ! Also by way of diversity, we should remember that several communities across the world celebrate their New Year on different dates.

Gregorian Vs Hindu New Year

I found this absolutely awesome thread on Twitter posted by @Aryabhata99 that juxtaposes the Gregorian and Tamil (Hindu) Calendars. Do read – Gregorian and Tamil Calendar. Am also reposting it here –

“One of a kind 2022 Gregorian Calendar mapped to Tamil Hindu months with respect to Sun’s zodiac position, equinox & solstice and major Hindu festival’s.
#Puthandu #HappyNewYear #TamilNewYear#சுபகிருது_வருடம் 1/n

New Year 2022 calendar

In another thread, I have also talked about how #TamilNewYear is calculated and it’s astronomical significance. 2/n

This calendar lists major Hindu festivals celebrated in year 2022 with Gregorian & Tamil Hindu dates. The #TamilNewYear which starts on Chitirai 1(Apr 14 2022) is called as ‘சுபகிருது வருடம்’ . 

60 Year cycle is followed in Hindu calendar system, this corresponds to a Hindu century. After completion of sixty years, the calendar starts a new with the first year ‘பிரபவ’ 4/n

New Year 2022 Hindu name

60 year cycle is calculated based on 2 major planets Saturn (sani) which takes 30 years and Jupiter (Viyazhan) which takes 12 years respectively to complete 1 cycle around the Sun.

It takes 60 years for these planets to come to the same position.
Sat 30×2=60
Jup 12×5=60

New Year for planets

FYI: Tamil months start and end based on the Sun’s shift from one Rasi to the other, but the names of the months are based on the star on the start of Pournami in that month. The name of the month is some times the name of the star itself. 6/n

New Year Tamil Stars

What an amazing thread !! Helps clarify a lot of doubts about how the Hindu calendar works.

Daily Sheet Calendar

I have always liked having the “Rani Muthu” daily sheet calendar at home. We got it this year too.

So its the 1st day of the Gregorian year 2022 and the 17 day of Margazhi month, Plava Nama Samvatsara 2078 !!

I had written earlier about the Hindu calendar Vikram Samvat in a blogpost titled Vikram Aur Betaal.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Gregorian New Year !!

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  1. Thank you, thank you for that explanation. As a follower of astrology, I am familiar with the cycles of Saturn and Jupiter, which are so significant in astrology. The solstices and equinoxes are also significant, as they have also been in multiple cultures throughout historical time.

    The solar and lunar cycles are much more predictable than any human calendar, but they are hard to calculate mathematically. This fact may explain why we have so many different calendars around the world and through time.


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