Pollution Anyone ?

Today I woke up with a headache ! Nothing out of the ordinary for October/November in Delhi NCR as the pollution levels peak during this time and the season changes to winter. This year, I foolishly hoped that the pandemic will keep the atmosphere clean and pollution at bay !

Just see the picture I took in the morning today around 10 a.m –

Smoky hazy morning

I went back to pictures I took in August this year when there was still some level of lockdown. I had taken a picture from the exact same spot on Aug 15th, our Independence day. Just see the difference !! Despite being overcast, the sky is blue behind the dark clouds and the visibility is so good.

Effects of Pollution
Beautiful blue sky beyond the dark clouds on Aug 15, 2020

Is it stubble burning ? Is it life getting back to normal, virus at large notwithstanding ?? Why this hazy, smoky polluted environment when just a few months back we could have clear air over the same piece of Earth ???

Am appalled at the callousness of the rich farmers. Why do they need to burn the stubble ? Why do they need money from the central government to handle the stubble without burning it ? I have and always had reservations about farmers being let off the tax net. If a farmer doesn’t earn anything, he doesn’t pay any tax. If a farmer earns a “bank-full” of money, like poor farmer Sharad Pawar, then why shouldn’t they pay tax ?!@$&

A differential tax slab is fine, if the “salaried” bozo (don’t know the female version of this word, substitute “idiot” if you are a woman) gets to pay tax at 33% max slab, then a farmer at the max slab can pay 20%. Am ok with that. They put the food on our plates and some benefits must go to them.

The rich farmers of Punjab and Haryana are getting richer and fatter (pun, shun, whatever “un” intended) while poor farmers made poorer by poor farmer Sharad Pawar are committing suicide ! Besides getting richer, the farmers of Punjab and Haryana are also making Delhi sick with stubble burning. If you counter my arguments with “what is Thugpurush CM of Delhi doing?” – my answer is “I don’t know”. I didn’t vote for that Thugpurush, but am struggling to breathe, courtesy his thuggery.

I told you I woke up with a headache. Can’t write nice fluffy blogposts with a headache caused by rich farmers burning stubble, a Thugpurush and his band of goons prepping gleefully to ban Diwali crackers even as I get patted on the back for paying my tax on time…..

ModiJi, please help. A few action items for you –

  • Take back the Padma Vibhushan given to poor farmer Sharad Pawar, and give him and his ilk Pada Praharam as they deserve.
  • Get the stubble burners to pay tax and their Captain to release a certain Ansari to the U.P Police so his month old stubble can be cut and trimmed in prison ! Will help in reducing pollution at many levels.
  • And please do a broadcast at 8 pm on Nov 8, 2020 and announce the Uniform Civil Code – DEMONETISE RELIGION.

Signing off to pop a pill for that damned headache !

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