The Merriest Xmas with KVHV

This Christmas we had a mini reunion of the KV Happy Valley gang. Adeeti, Nishi, Seema, Javed and I got together at my place for lunch and what a fun day it turned out to be !!

Seema was the first to arrive and good that she did, because she has missed meeting me as often as we both would like to :). Ofcourse she looked like a million bucks, in a black wool saree. Then came the Commander, later than he said he would but then we also made him stay later than his plan. Hope he didn’t get an earful at his cousin’s marriage, but he can deal with it for the sake of us good friends.

Adeeti, Nishi and the children reached next and Adeeti met mom after nearly 31 years and mom got to meet Pixie whom she mistook for Adeeti when I face-timed from Adeeti’s home in Singapore last year. And the reunion was underway… Geetu and Anu’s spirits knocked on the door first, Sriman’s spirit went to the wrong house, Enakshi and Ranjeet’s spirits met half way and got chatting I guess :):):):)

All those who didn’t come missed spicy food and even more spicier never ending gossip including Javed who missed the food, just had coffee.

Here’s a pic of the group –


No wonder it was the merriest Christmas of all – friends, food and good cheer all around. The true Xmas spirit.

Just to jog our memories, two pictures from the other two reunions. The first one in 2008.


The April 2010 reunion –


2014 has been a good year, as I have managed to meet with everyone in the gang except Anu. Now we should plan for a full reunion next year, with everyone attending. :):)

Happy New Year everyone and see you around.

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