Book review – Cormoran does strike !

I bought “The Cuckoo’s calling” by Robert Galbraith much before I knew it was J.K. Rowling writing under that pseudonym. I never managed to read it for quite some time but the minute I figured out it was written by J.K. Rowling, I read it :):). I am a fan of her writing and so wanted to see how she had written an adult novel.

The plot is subtle, not easy to figure out who is the villain till the very end. The detective with the name of “Cormoran Strike” really got me – fascinating that someone could come up with a name like that … But yeah we have stranger names I guess. The way Rowling has characterised Cormoran is a great lesson in not falling prey to first impressions. You start reading about his office and the way he lived and you almost picture him as a loser and consequently dumb – mistake ! In real life too, not all losers are dumb and not all “successful” (read “rich”) folks are smart. Money is an equal opportunity servant – goes everywhere, sometimes to the right place, sometimes by right and sometimes, just like that :):):).

Loved “Cuckoo’s calling” and bought “Silkworm” immediately. The lovable Mr. Cormoran Strike is back with a bang and will we see him marry Robin ?? There is a hint of that but maybe Rowling will string it out for another book or several more. “Silkworm” is a little more graphic and gross in parts, especially since it’s a murder mystery where the murder itself is quite gross. This book also traces the nexus between authors and publishers and the strange reasons why some works get published !!

Well, my sense is, Rowling is trying to make Cormoran Strike the 2000’s version of Agatha Christie’s Poirot. She may very well succeed in doing it because of the strange name and the attributes she has accorded to him. If it does happen, it would be good for the reading habit of millions of young adults and adults just like the Harry Potter series did for children.

Would recommend both the books for fiction lovers.

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