The joke is on us !

A few days back I read this article on the TOI app and took a screenshot. I wanted to write about how Sri Lanka’s relationship with India has been dictated by their relationship with China. Pakistan of course is a fringe player in that equation.


A few things stand out in the above news item –

  • 1. India recently gifted 5 Lakh doses of Covishield vaccine to Sri Lanka. #VaccineMaitri & Coup in Myanmar.
  • 2. Imran Khan supports the Taliban saying terror activities were “holy war” that is justified by Islamic Law.
  • 3. In Oct 2020, Imran Khan had asked Muslim countries to protest after French President Emmanuel Macron expressed concerns over the murder of a teacher by an Islamist radical. Not Nice …. Yet Again 🙁

As I was browsing the TOI App today, I came across this article and was not amused. The joke is on us, the normal, law abiding citizen. 😡

Joke - Biden effect

This is how propaganda works and the paid media posts jokes as news items !!

President Biden has already re-started the program of US interference in the internal matters of sovereign countries without any understanding of the culture or agenda of despots ruling them. American troops will re-engage in Syria, playing right into Erdogan’s plans.

The build up for POTUS has begun … the truth is even President Biden doesn’t know what his policy will be w.r.t India, Pakistan and China. Already China uses anal swabs to test US diplomats for Covid-19 and promptly apologised post facto :). Are we to believe that POTUS has a plan to deal with this rogue nation ?

Like all other Democrat Presidents before him, President Biden too will hem and haw, mouth off lofty ideas and continue supporting terroristan. China will continue its march into every “poor” resource rich nation and either gobble it up like Tibet or make it dependent on China.

India will continue to be a democracy, valiantly defending its borders and resolutely standing in the way of China’s expansionism. Am hoping that soon we will have our old borders with Tibet and Afghanistan. By then Kamala Mami may well be into her second year as the first woman President ever of a 200 year old democracy …. says a lot about women empowerment. Hmmm.

Tell me, am I wrong ?

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