The Best Nightcap !

Wikipedia describes a Nightcap as follows – “..Traditional nightcaps includeΒ brandy, bourbon, and cream-based liqueurs such as Irish cream. Wine and beer can also function as nightcaps. In folk medicine, consuming a nightcap is for the purpose of inducing sleep. Alcohol is not recommended by many doctors as a sleep aid because it may interfere with sleep quality.”

As teetotallers we anyway have no interest in alcoholic beverages. So are you wondering why am writing about a Nightcap ? Well, we have discovered the healthiest nightcap in the world that your grandmothers insisted on and you hated as a young child !

Turmeric Latte Anyone ?

Nightcap - Turmeric Latte
Turmeric Latte aka Haldi-Doodh 😁

This golden drink with a dash of khus-khus (Poppy seeds) as suggested by my friend Javed ensures a great night’s sleep and loads of other benefits. Please Note – Milk should be organic cow milk without any growth hormones. Also the turmeric should be organic, not some processed powder off the shelf in a super market. If you can’t access this kind of milk just have the decoction made with fresh Turmeric pods anytime of the day.

Nightcap - Turmeric Latte
Just half a cup of Turmeric Latte !

Benefits of Khus-Khus or Poppy Seeds

There are a host of benefits that Khus-Khus have. Some of them are –

  1. Treating insomnia
  2. Better Cognitive Function
  3. Improving Bone Health – they are rich in Calcium
  4. Improving cardio vascular health
  5. Immunity booster – They contain traces of Zinc… especially required during the pandemic.

Do read the article – Poppy Seeds: Incredible Benefits Of Khus Khus For Overall Health for additional information.

Enjoy this nightcap daily and reap tremendous health benefits.

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  1. Alternatively, Upma, bisebelebath, morekili, pongal and the likes are some Amazing nightcaps too. Amma used to say, after eating them she would be lounging like a malappaambu. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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