A Toast to Tostem Windows

Finally !!!! We changed the windows and a door in all the rooms after 19 years. We had changed the window and the large glass doors in the living room in 2010. The experience with Fenesta’s installation was nightmarish so we just lost the nerve to change the other windows !

Our friend Bobby who heads the water division in Lixil India, he told us about Tostem Windows, a part of Lixil. He introduced me to the CEO and interestingly Sandeep Ji had moved to Tostem from Fenesta. We reconnected and I was glad that Sandeep Ji was there because he had helped us tremendously in 2010.

We visited the Tostem office in the last week of June and our car had a breakdown that day 😁. Inconvenienced, When Convenient ! We had just met Navdeep who runs Newgen Building Systems that install the Tostem windows and he had to send a rescue vehicle for us. The order was placed mid-July and the delivery time was eight weeks. The windows come prefabricated to exact specifications.

We had to defer the installation as we were heading out to Chennai for Krishnan’s Shastiabdapoorthi celebration. Finally we got back after our roller coaster trip to Chennai and the installation was planned to start from Dec 1st. To be honest, we were a little apprehensive because of the Fenesta experience earlier.

The Tostem installation by Newgen Building systems was painless and super smooth ! The team was excellent and the technicians knew their job. All the windows got fitted out within 4 to 5 days. We took a break for a couple of days because, the KVAFA reunion was happening at our place. Am so thrilled with the new windows and the insect (wire mesh) screens. Noise, dust and heat/cold has reduced significantly.

Tostem Windows

Tostem Windows
Amma’s room got done first.
Tostem Windows
Osho had all the windows at his disposal 🙂
Tostem Windows
What a view …. just before the windows got fitted. Wish we could leave it this way …but we can’t 🙂
Tostem Windows
A window getting framed !!

The Ventilation Door

We replaced the door leading to the second balcony with Tostem’s “ventilation” door. The glass panels slide vertically and the insect screen with a grill is outside. When I saw the demo ventilation door, I wanted the same thing for all the windows too. Its way too cool :).

Tostem Windows
The Ventilation door from the outside.

We would like to appreciate the Newgen team for their excellent installation. Tostem as a brand is new in the Indian market but hopefully they will be a good competitor to Fenesta. The quality of their product is outstanding.

I came across an interesting article about smart windows and how they may change the way homes get heated or cooled – These smart windows could one day help heat and cool your house automatically.


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