Missing Balasaheb 

I am not a fan of the Shiv Sena and their brand of politics but today I miss it’s founder and late supremo Balasaheb Thackeray. When Pakistan won a match and some Indians in Mumbai burst crackers and the Pakistani flag was waved in some streets, it was Balasaheb who didn’t mince words and asked them to leave India. I can accept appreciation for some of the Pakistani cricketers and cheering for them. But if you are an Indian, you don’t fly the Pakistani flag and celebrate their victory against India. If you feel so strongly about them, then you should live in Pakistan and not here… There can be a peaceful extradition and am sure many Indians will happily sponsor your tickets. There are many Indians who have become American citizens and they cheer for America – that’s the right thing to do. We share friendly relations with the US but the US government will not tolerate it, if these Indian origin Americans shouted slogans denigrating the US. 

Yesterday at JNU some students raised anti-India slogans and have wished the destruction of India… All under the garb of “freedom of speech”.  Really ? I am sure your parents wish that all of you were born mute so you couldn’t utter the words you did. Difference of opinion is not about wishing your country’s destruction. The man after whom your university is named was all for freedom of speech, but not even in his dreams would he have wished India’s destruction. You talk of dissent … Anyone abetting terrorists is guilty by association and Afzal Guru was given every legal support that any citizen of India is offered. Imagine if your father was inside the parliament and was attacked by those terrorists … Will you then have a different view of Afzal Guru ? 

Your views on the death penalty don’t give you the right to make a martyr out of every convict who got the death penalty – by that argument, Nathuram Godse was a martyr… Will you celebrate him ? He killed Gandhiji, that’s all, right ? Why hang him ? It’s not a matter of convenience that you tag someone a martyr just because they were hung to death. Wait till a loved one is killed by one of your kind of martyr’s bullet and let’s then talk. You may want to hang the martyr with your bare hands !! 

India needs to wake up, Indians need to wake up, PM Narendra Modi needs to clamp down on all these seditious activities – anyone who denigrates our country, our flag, gets no mercy. Put them behind bars. The soldiers that lost their life in Siachen and Hanumanthappa who is fighting to survive need not protect these scum – just drop them off at Siachen and then let’s hear their slogans… Their words will freeze inside their brains even before they become a thought. You say “India, go back”? If India went back, you will have no place to live, for no other nation will tolerate scum like you. 

These JNU students are the enemy within … Who needs other enemies ! 

Shefali Vaidya says it better than I do in her post – 

The JNU students have gone too far with their actions and if the government lets this go on, we will have another round of politics being played with the dodo and the anarchist becoming poster boys posing with these scum who call themselves as students. Declare their protest as seditious because that’s what it is and do it swiftly. We have wasted enough time with niceties. 

Jai Hind. Jai Hind Ki Sena. देश द्रोही बाहर जाओ। 

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