Osho Story #13 – Questions, anyone?

This story is from the book “Come, Come, Yet Again Come”.

When Maulingaputta, a great philosopher, came to Buddha to ask questions, Buddha said, “If you really want your questions to be answered, for two years sit silently by my side, don’t ask anything, and after two years I will answer you.”

When Buddha was saying this, Mahakashyapa, one of Buddha’s great disciples, started laughing. Maulingaputta felt a little embarrassed and he asked, “Why is this man laughing? He looks a little crazy!”

Buddha said, “You ask him!”

And Maulingaputta asked Mahakashyapa, “Why are you laughing?”

Mahakashyapa said, “I’m laughing because this man has deceived me too! And I warn you, if you want to ask your questions, ask right now! After two years you will not be able to ask. He played the same trick on me! For two years I was sitting silently by his side, and then slowly, slowly all questions disappeared.”

Buddha said to Maulingaputta, “I will stick to my promise. If your questions disappear, then what can I do? But after two years I will remind you.”

And after two years Buddha actually reminded him. Mahakashyapa was also present. Maulingaputta was sitting somewhere behind, afraid that Buddha would ask. Two years had passed, and Buddha asked Mahakashyapa, “Where is Maulingaputta? Find him! Two years have passed, exactly two years since the day he came. Now he can ask.

Maulingaputta stood and he said, “Forgive me, I have no questions. Now I know why you insisted that I should be silent.”

When the mind becomes completely silent, there happens a direct and thorough communion. Answers are not given but received. Nothing is said but everything is heard…..

In the preface of this book, Osho says “Your questions may be the same, my answers cannot be the same for two reasons. First, I have forgotten your questions and my answers – I cannot repeat, I am not a gramophone record. Secondly, your questions may the same, but the questioners are different – and I answer the questioner, not the question.”

Thank you, Master.

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