Alam, you left too soon …

A mother lost a son, a wife lost her husband and a daughter lost her dad and many friends lost a dear friend on the 11th of May. We are struggling to find words of solace, we are struggling to come to terms with the reality that you are no more. Alam, its futile to ask the question why but its also futile to try and accept what has happened.

As Vandana lit your pyre, a part of her went up in flames with you…. Your daughter is still to come to grips with what has happened. The rituals just reinforced the finality of your absence. Your quick wit, the super sharp intelligence, the genuine goodness in your heart are all here, we see glimpses in your daughter and Vandana. We see that warmth in the people you worked with and interacted with…. they all came just to be with you as you made the last journey.

Krishnan and I remember all our interactions, especially Krishnan remembers the many discussions you both have had on new concepts in the healthcare space that was so dear to you. And of course all our discussions about the best routes to take in Himachal Pradesh to go to different places !!

Dear Vandana, Alam got off the train too soon, but remember he got back on the same train, just many compartments later, so you can’t see him or hear him or hug him. He is still on the same train with you and your daughter and he will be with both of you forever. Just like cellphones help bridge the distance, his spirit will find a way to speak to you, guide you both and just be around where you are. His love for both of you shines through…

As friends, we are around to help you face this, to help you live for Alam as well and just as a space where you can say or do what you feel like. None of us knows what you are going through, it is unimaginable but just hold onto the thought that Alam hasn’t left … he is just unseen, but very much with you.

Alam, rest in peace. May you be healed and blessed with love and may you be forever with Vandana and your daughter. RIP friend.

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