Better Not, Vishal 😡

Better not Vishal

Read about the firing of 900 employees at over a Zoom call. Terribly insensitive and the CEO Vishal certainly needs therapy !!

Small Talk Is an Overrated Way to Build Relationships with Your Employees

I had the opportunity of reading the article published in HBR on the subject of having small talks with employees and its (un)importance in building relationships. How important is it to have conversations with employees? with our teams? Of course it is very important. Because conversations build relationships. They give and get us feedback. Help … Read more

An Experiment in India Shows How Much Companies Have to Gain by Investing in Their Employees

Lot of us lament about the fact that today’s employees are not productive from day one despite the fact that most of them being very well qualified, at least on paper. Am sure that we can recall several interviews and interactions wherein the candidates could not explain even basic concepts related to their subject of … Read more

Are you engaged ?

The most abused word after “leader” in the corporate world is “engagement”. Every team, every firm, every manager is tasked with it and elaborate plans are made each year to get colleagues engaged because all studies by every known, unknown expert says engaged employees are the most productive. And that is the truth. What is … Read more