Finally, all four executed !


Today is a good day … the four rapists of Nirbhaya have finally been hanged. While I would have preferred public castration followed by stoning to death, hanging them atleast brings closure to Asha Devi and her family. I woke up by 5 and started tracking the TOI app for updates because I knew that the lawyer representing these four had been petitioning in the Delhi High Court almost all through the night trying to get them off the noose yet again. Seven years ….

Now I hope “karma” catches up with the The Juvenile devil. He hasn’t paid his dues yet and there is no law to hang him. Hope he isn’t stitching himself a rosy future using Mr. Kejriwal’s gift of a sewing machine, after having been the most brutal of all the rapists. Rape is a crime that is horrendous and this then-juvenile-by-a-few-months, never paid the price for his barbarism. People who loot, steal and kill in a fit of anger can still be forgiven, but rape and domestic violence comes from a cruel barbaric mindset and is all about “power”. I doubt if any correctional facility can change that mindset.

The air seems cleaner today. But its a momentary feeling because there are thousands of Nirbhayas out there who haven’t got justice and monsters who violated them roam free or enjoy a jail’s hospitality. Also the big question remains – what happens when the rapist is a movie star, movie star’s son, a minister, a minister’s son, an HNI, or an HNI’s son ? Will justice be swift ? Will they be shot like the Hyderabad convicts ? Will they be hanged like these four after a fair trial? Till the answer is yes to these questions, the fight is far from over.

Prayers for Nirbhaya and all the women out there who have been subjected to this inhuman act. Actually prayers also for the men and LGBTQ who have been violated. However unpalatable it sounds, men also get raped.

Mankind will be truly civilised when no rape happens. Praying for that day. Till then remember we all walk amidst barbarians. 

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