The Smart Crow

The Thirsty Crow – On a hot day, a thirsty crow flew all over the fields looking for water. He couldn’t find any water but saw a water jug near the village. The crow sat on the rim of the jug and looked inside – he could see some water at the bottom of the … Read more The Smart Crow

Hey, its easy – hang a stereotype !

This video got forwarded by a friend on a whatsapp group and well it got my goat ! Watch it –¬†Mercedes Advert. Hopefully it got your goat too or did you just laugh it off ? Both are normal reactions, but think for a minute – would you have laughed if this advert showed a … Read more Hey, its easy – hang a stereotype !

Insane world … And we are intelligent ??

There are two graphics that show what a mad world we have created through our so called genius…. One is validated, the other is a bit exaggerated but drives home the point.     This is the validated graphic and it speaks volumes. Am no subscriber to the Robin Hood policy that all these 85 people … Read more Insane world … And we are intelligent ??