Osho on Unity

The following excerpt is from volume 4, discourse number 3 of the talks given by Osho on the 42 sutras of Buddha compiled under the title “The Discipline of transcendence”. Nearly everyday I take a walk with Osho …. his voice is so authentic ! In this excerpt Osho speaks about how the universe is a unity.

Btw whoever invented the headphones and the playback systems should be given all the awards possible. They have made it so easy to listen to the Masters. It’s just like am sitting in the auditorium or lecture hall and Osho is speaking. Priceless.

Universe and Unity

“…… The universe is one, it is a unity. Nothing is divided. Everything is connected with everything else. It is a tremendous connectedness. You are connected with the earth, you are connected with the trees, you are connected with the stars; stars are connected with you, stars are connected with the trees, with the rivers, with the mountains. Everything is interconnected. Nothing is separate; nothing can be separate. Separation is not possible.

Each moment you are breathing – you breathe in, you breathe out – continuously there is a bridge with the existence. You eat, existence enters into you; you defecate, it becomes manure – the apple on the tree will become part of your body tomorrow, and some part of your body will go and become manure, will become food for the tree… a continuous give and take. Not for a single moment does it stop. When it stops, you are dead.

What is death? – separation is death. To be in unity is to be alive, to be out of unity is to be dead. So the more you think, “I am separate,” the less sensitive you will be, more dead, dragging, dull. The more you feel you are connected, the more this whole existence is part of you and you are part of this whole existence.

Once you understand that we are members of each other, then suddenly the vision changes. Then these trees are not alien; they are continuously preparing food for you. When you breathe in you take oxygen in, when you breathe out you give carbon dioxide; the trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen – there is a continuous communion. We are in tune. The reality is a unity.”

What a beautiful way of showing the interconnectedness of the universe ! The one thing that has remained with me from this excerpt is the fact that we breathe out carbon dioxide that the trees need and the trees and plants breathe out oxygen that we need. It can’t be clearer than that … that’s the key God left for us to find the unity. I knew it intellectually but didn’t get the import till Osho spelt it out.

Here we are trying to divide that which is unified and the human species is supposedly intelligent :).

Thank You Master 🙏🏿

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