Daredevilry or Stupidity or Poverty ?

Daredevilry - Ridgewood

What makes a painter/mason sleep on the roof of the 13th floor of a condo complex in a harness ? Is it Daredevilry or Stupidity or Poverty ?

Heartfelt Condolences … to Poverty

I started reading “The Missionary position” by Christopher Hitchens a couple of days back and am reeling from what I am discovering about Mother Teresa on every page. While the book is a tiny one, I will take some time to read it because am trying to find corroborative anecdotes and evidence… after all this … Read more

From perfumed gardens to pavement dwellers :(

In Delhi when you visit the Red Fort, built by Shah Jahan in 1639, you find water channels surrounding the buildings. It seems perfumed water would flow in these channels so that the queens and the Emperor could enjoy the fragrance and cool breeze. With Aurangzeb coming to power, the Mughal dynasty’s decline started and … Read more