Hyatt Regency, Lucknow

Today Hyatt Regency Lucknow turns 6 ! Happy birthday to an amazing hotel, that truly delights its customers. We had stayed on two previous occasions in 2018. Do read my blog from the first time we stayed in May 2018 – “Delight” delivered at Hyatt Regency, Lucknow.

The Team

We had made many friends in 2018. It seems many of them like Mr. Shobhan Kumar and others are still with the Hyatt group of hotels but at other locations. It’s a totally new team here and new friends !!

Ever since we stayed at Radisson Rudrapur, we have been asking hotels about interconnected rooms. The interconnected rooms give us the advantage of two bathrooms and enough space for Amma and us to stay.

I spoke to the duty manager Paras, almost a month back when we were making our plans for this trip. He said that he will make every effort to get us the interconnected rooms but he can’t promise. We booked believing that it will happen and it did !! Once again the Hyatt Regency Lucknow team delighted us by keeping two interconnected rooms for us despite being full.

Sourav at the front office got some “live” Deeksha from his colleague Deeksha at the front desk as Krishnan went to check in :):). Deeksha also ensured we got two more samosas and tea complimentary, yesterday as we checked into our rooms. I was reminded of Umesh’s tea – this is the second time that I enjoyed the tea made at a hotel. Usually I don’t like premade tea and coffee … but this was excellent tea.

We met Madhab, one of the chefs during our breakfast today. The food was outstanding as always. Rocco was full when we went down to have our breakfast. While taking a couple of idlis for Amma, I found that the “Molaha podi” and “Karuveppalai podi” were mis-labeled interchangeably. As I was setting the labels right, Madhab came over and asked me if I was a South Indian :). Then we got talking and he made me really nice Paneer Paratha with an awesome pickle ! Farzi South Indian was happy.

Same Vs Different

Just like the last time, I ended up parking on the 3rd basement level as the upper two levels were fully occupied with cars and bikes. We got an opening on the 1st basement later at night when we went down to pick up a few things from the car. There is no elevator from the 2nd and 3rd basements even now. What was different is we got one of the young trainees to help us bring things up from the 3rd basement.

Today morning the “jam” at the elevator was just the same – too many people were either going to have their breakfast or they were checking out.

Differently, our door did not open when we got back from our short morning walk. The housekeeping person Ravi on our floor tried to open it using his key, but that didn’t work either. I went down to the reception. And there was just one front office person there handling two check-outs. Behind me, four other people came by to check-out. When the next front office executive came, one of the trainees asked the person who had come after me to get his work done by this lady.

I obviously lost my cool and asked her that to send someone to fix the door issue since I was already staying in the hotel. Krishnan called just then to say that the door had been opened by another maintenance executive. Apparently the batteries in the lock had died. This experience was a first for us.

Hyatt Regency Lucknow remains a favourite and it felt like coming back home when we drove in yesterday.

Happy birthday again !!

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