Weekly Saree Bulletin #2

As I had mentioned in my first Weekly Saree Bulletin #1, I wear a saree everyday. I qualify as a saree addict because I keep reading about them and constantly browse my favourite websites !! I don’t like very expensive sarees because for me its an everyday wear, not a one off event.


For the past seven to eight years, I have made a very conscious effort to de-clutter.

One way that I keep my wardrobe clutter free is by constantly giving away my sarees. I only replace, I never add to the numbers. That way, my buying is controlled and at the same time I get an opportunity to indulge in my passion. Marie Kondo’s book Book Review #1/50 – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying was a life changing book for me. I re-organized my sarees the way she has suggested – dark to light colours and all my sarees are in a single place.

I don’t store any saree out of sight. All my sarees are hung up in a single wardrobe, separated by colour. My mood dictates the colour I choose to wear on a given day !

Sarees this Week

Weekly Saree Bulletin #2
Dec 2nd, 3rd and 7th
Weekly Saree Bulletin #2
Dec 9th, 11th and 14th

This Week’s Highlighted Saree

Weekly Saree Bulletin #2
Half n Half Saree

I bought this saree at Vijaylakshmi Silks, M G Road, Bangalore for my ISB Pgpmax graduation in 2014. Double celebration ! This is a pure Kanchi silk handwoven saree, with a korvai pallu. The off-white and pink combination is really pretty. There are small “ambi” or Mango motifs all over the off-white portions and it has the zari mango motifs in the pink portion.

I have washed the saree at home a couple of times. The pink colour has run a bit onto the inside edge of the saree, so its not visible when I wear it. I guess, the fuchsia pink coloured sarees should not be washed at home unless its a plain saree. The colour does tend to run. I finally got it dry cleaned once. That helps to fasten the colours and prevent them from leeching.

In the 90’s I had a fascination for cream and off-white sarees. I got one for Nachi’s marriage with the Ambi motif in the borders. Made the mistake of soaking it in water and the motifs’ colours just ruined the saree. I got it dyed in dark green and wore it for many years because the silk was beautiful, but ever since that I have been very wary of washing off-white or cream coloured sarees at home :).

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