GST not important … Gandhi Scion Too !!

The venerable Mr. Anand Sharma, says GST is not important. We know its not important for you because it Heralds PROgress for the Nation !!! and if the National Herald case reaches its logical conclusion basis the information available in the public domain, it Heralds the end of Indira National CONgress you see :):)

But take heart Mr. Sharma, we are a 1.2 billion strong nation and there are a few truly young leaders even in your CONteam who can take this nation and your party forward. How long will you and your colleagues continue to bow to the same gene pool, beef up your bank accounts and neglect the PROgress of the nation? Sycophancy has stopped paying dividends .. and has destroyed your party. Like the villains in the Hindi movies, turn a new leaf, admit to your misdeeds and ask for forgiveness before THE END. Whatever you and your spirited campaigners might say, Indians which includes you too, are tolerant – how else can you explain the fact that we let a single gene pool run this great country to the ground for 60 years?

Mr. Sharma, start doing good by signing my petition and getting some of your truly young, forward thinking leaders to sign too and let the “family” fight its battles in the impartial courts of India. Trust the judiciary, they only go by facts as presented… ¬†Abandon a stinking ship, tolerant Indians will forgive you.

All Indian readers of this blog – please sign my petition and put pressure on the likes of Mr. Sharma to see reason ….

Ban Congress, Let the parliament function

Jai Hind

1 thought on “GST not important … Gandhi Scion Too !!”

  1. Bindu-ji, I fully agree with you that what the congress party is doing now is morally, procedurally and politically wrong. But asking the Prez to ban a party cannot be a solution . There is no legal provision for such a step. In a democratic country you need to vote its MPs out of power. That will take another 4 years, till then we need to “tolerate” the tantrums of this kind. Now do you see why they are worried about the rising “intolerance” in the country?


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