A +ve Start to the Day

A few seconds after we paid her fees, I got a call. I usually don’t pick up calls from unknown numbers but I picked up her call. So glad that I did because it turned out to be a +ve start to the day !!!

She is medically HIV +ve, but her spirit is life positive. Her enthusiasm is infectious, the hope in her voice is motivating.

The Universe works in mysterious ways … if I hadn’t met Vidya in the Chemistry lab, if Krishnan and I hadn’t setup ShikshaDaan, if Murali hadn’t written Ubuntu, and if Vidya hadn’t connected Murali and us – the call wouldn’t have come today 😊.

Call it coincidence, serendipity or just plain luck, my day started on a positive note today because of Vidya and I becoming friends 35 years back. Am so glad we not only became friends but have remained friends ever since.

This young girl whom we supported with a scholarship today is a part of the amazing organization called Children of Krishnagiri. Do visit their website and also visit in person to see the fabulous work they do. Contributions are welcome too.

The HIV infected people live very fragile lives … society and even their near and dear ones distance themselves from them and death hovers nearby at all times. We should have got another call today but Sreedevi cannot call from the other shore :(. Do read Murali’s heartfelt tribute – My Sreedevi left me.

Because the day started positively I wore a saree with the + sign all over.

Now will make the rest of the day positive too !!!

Have a great day ahead.

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