World’s Longest Motorable Tunnel

Some features of the Longest Motorable Tunnel –

“…Engineers are re-testing the automated lighting and ventilation systems, fire hydrants, pumps, phones and various sensors for fitting inside the tunnel before the There are fire hydrants at every 60 metres, emergency exit tunnels at every 500 metres, turning cavern every 2.2km and air quality monitoring every 1km, Besides telephone booths at regular intervals, there is a broadcasting system and automatic incident detection system with CCTV cameras every 250 metres.”

When you read the above paragraph, where do you guess this tunnel is ? Some European country ? or maybe Australia ? or maybe China even ….

Well, the World’s Longest Motorable Tunnel happens to be in India. The above excerpt is from the TOI Article – World longest highway tunnel is ready to open.

No government has been as focussed on infrastructure in the border areas as the Modi Govt. Even including Mr. Vajpayee’s government. The first BJP government laid the foundation for highways and the rural road infrastructure. Before they could do much more, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was back in power and we lost a decade of development.

2014 – the year that changed everything

Mr. Modi was elected as the Prime Minister of India with a clear majority for BJP. The CONgress was diminished except for their well fed ecosystem that continues to harass the country to this day ! Two areas that were totally neglected since Independence have become centre stage since 2014. One, the North Eastern states and two, infrastructure development at our borders.

Long pending infrastructure projects have been completed. Newer ones not only get started but also get completed in time. #WhyISupportModi #5 – Integrating the North East. The Atal Tunnel has been completed under budget (@%$&*!!!). It will reduce the travel time between Manali and Leh by 4 hours. Also Ladakh will remain connected throughout winters !

Ten years in the making…

This tunnel too has been ten years in the making. Its foundation stone was laid in 2010 and it has been completed in 2020 by Mr. Modi’s government. Thank God that we don’t have a CONfamily member in the Govt today, otherwise, this too would have been named after their family name “Nehru/Gandhi”.

Waiting for the pandemic to subside and we would certainly drive across the Atal Tunnel. So thrilled that we have the world’s longest motorable tunnel. Feeling good.

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