Protein Fixation Or Vegan Movement?

One of the challenges in Season 12 of Masterchef Australia was to make vegan food. Boy, did the contestants struggle !!! Every single one of them with the exception of Simon and Reece didn’t know how to make tasty vegan food without animal protein.

Protein Fixation -Vegan Movement
Shannon Martinez’s Vegan Mystery Box

The above picture is a screenshot of the Vegan Mystery Box that the contestants got… I was drooling. Half of these veggies can be eaten raw, the produce is so fresh and organic.

The Protein Fixation

Across the world, we see a protein fixation. Whether its the (in)famous Atkins diet or the Keto diet or just a high protein diet, everyone seems to be on this boat. The all important question of whether human beings need such a protein rich diet is not being asked. Somewhere over the years, women and young women at that, have got the “size zero” and “skinny” body type as the ideal giving rise to the weight loss industry. The weight loss industry keeps promoting diet fads that are not sustainable. One of the worst diet fads is this high protein diet despite disastrous consequences in certain cases – Bengali Actress Mishti Mukherjee Dies Of Kidney Failure Due To Keto Diet.

The Vegan Movement

We are vegetarians. I become a vegan when I enter the US of A because every dish in most restaurants there, comes with a mound of cheese :). In the last two years, we have been going to a few European countries during our September vacation and we see a Vegan movement gaining momentum. We are thrilled because it means there are several Vegan restaurants for us to choose from !!

I don’t like dairy much. I like some milk in my coffee and tiny quantities of cheese in my sandwich or pizza. I don’t like yoghurt/curds much. Too much cheese puts me off. Krishnan loves curd/yoghurt and cold milk, but again, his intake is minimal. The jury is still out in my mind about dairy products being consumed the Indian way – Lassi, Chach, Shrikhand, Paneer, Milk sweets etc. They are eaten in moderation in traditional homes and always combined with other things – think of Kadi, Morkozhambu, Raita etc. If we can remove the foreign breeds of cow and the growth hormone injections, the Desi Cow milk is quite nutritious.

The Ghee Question

Ghee when used like a medicine, works wonders. Remember science today has figured out that ghee helps take the nutrients to where they are required in the body. In traditional Indian food uses Ghee for making sweets and savouries during festivals and small quantities are used in everyday food. The only challenge is going overboard ! The Cow Ghee Conundrum.

The Vegan movement is interesting and I am supportive of it. I am happy that it promotes vegetarianism because I do believe thats our future. Animal protein is not meant for human consumption. Nearly all our diseases are lifestyle related and animal protein is at the root for most of them. Why, even the Corona virus came from eating a bat :(:(.

Back to the Vegan Mystery Box

I could think of a 100 things that could have been made using that Vegan mystery box. Kadamba Satham, Bisi Bele Bath, Beetroot Halwa, Cashew/Almond Katlis, all the Thai curries without the fish paste, Tikkis, etc.

I made the Kadamba Saadam the very next day using 6 vegetables !

Protein Fixation Vegan Movement

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