The BMK Coffee Blend

There is a beautiful word for people like me in Tamil – “Nonavattam”. Basically I am a nitpicker. I like my coffee in a particular way… the milk cannot be boiled beforehand, the decoction has to be fresh, instant coffee is not coffee at all etc etc etc. The tea has to a particular way … can’t be too milky, it has to be Wagh Bakri tea leaves etc etc. You can brand me as being particular or a nitpicker. :):)

When we were in Munich last year, Anu and I went looking for Espresso coffee powder that Krishnan and I could carry with us for the rest of the trip. At one of the stores we found this amazing Espresso coffee powder which had been roasted really dark. They had used only Arabica beans which have amazing flavour but the decoction is light. This kind of roasting gave a great aromatic decoction at the same time, it was quite strong.

BMK Coffee Blend

Back in India, Filter Coffee

Once we got back home, I went back to my Robusta filter coffee powder in the 80:20 blend, which is the coffee:chicory mix. I get my filter coffee powder from Sri Krishna Coffee Works, R. P. Road, Hyderabad. All thanks to Nisha for having told me that they deliver ! Otherwise I was getting the coffee powder from Coorg, but its a little difficult getting it delivered to Gurgaon.

A couple of times I have had friends delivering the coffee powder when they came visiting :). I told you, am very particular.

The September Coffee brainwave !

I was remembering the Espresso Arabica coffee powder from Munich and wondering if Sri Krishna coffee works could replicate the roast. I called Ms. Pratibha and she said, that they don’t roast the coffee beans black. So I told her that she can send me the coffee powder in the same 80:20 blend but 80% Robusta Coffee powder and 20% Arabica Coffee powder.

We got the coffee powder delivered around the 5th of September and I immediately made the coffee decoction…. a new amazing BMK Coffee Blend was born. The aroma and the taste was out of this world. Having no chicory in the blend makes the coffee far less acidic. We are totally hooked to this BMK Coffee blend now. Even Amma, who doesn’t like coffee at all, enjoys this blend.

A new “particular” quirk added to my repertoire 👀.

This post is dedicated to my forcibly-adopted-child Nisha who gave me the biggest tip about Sri Krishna Coffee Works delivering to Gurgaon :):)❤️

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