Pawar, a Poor Farmer ?

Saw an article on Twitter recently that spoke of how the rich farmers may soon face stricter tax scrutiny. The rich farmer of India is enjoying all the tax breaks besides subsidized power and water. Particularly the farmers of Punjab have really benefitted from the “no tax on agricultural income” policy.

Now that the Modi Govt has brought in the Pradhan Mantra Fasal Bima Yojana, there is some protection against crop failure for the poor farmer. Till this scheme was announced, the rich farmer could weather the vagaries of nature but poor farmers went under :(.


One poor farmer of India has really had a tough time since 2014. First, the Modi govt gifted him a Padma Vibhushan and irritated a whole lot of us fans. Then he manoeuvred the Penguin away from BJP and formed the Maha Vinaash Agadi Govt in Mumbai…. now, he seems to be meeting up with Mr. Modi for something else ! What a poor farmer Pawar is…


Hold on, I know that many corrupt politicians have had cases against them, even FIRs but except for Chidu not many have gone to jail. Chidambaram Arrested ! Pawar is the biggest con-star anyone has ever seen ….

I have no respect for this man, so if you feel offended when you see me calling him Pawar, feel free to stop reading.

Pawar has a single 70 billion pounds transaction that he is yet to explain – Sharad Pawar and Questions regarding Rs. 539000 Crores. That’s not all – his daughter is also a poor farmer 😳. The following information is from 2014 and am sure, Ms. Sule has increased the productivity of her 10 acre farm even more.


Please connect the dots …. Sanjay Raut, Anil Deshmukh, Ajit Pawar, farmers protest, Dawood still at large, Sugarcane cartel …. everything connects back to the biggest con-star Pawar,

Waiting to see how this game plays out.

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