Sitting is the New Smoking

For the past few days I have been reading this popular book titled “Ikigai”. Am finding a whole lot of similarity between the Okinawans way of living and ancient Indian way of living. For instance, Ayurveda says not to eat to your full capacity and the Okinawans only eat till they are 80% full. An important learning from the book is about “movement” and not spending a whole lot of time sitting.

Do read this page that I have taken a screen shot of –


From the bibliography in this book, I found the link to an organisation dedicated to standing !!! Do visit – Sitting is the New Smoking. While I had heard about this, I never knew that a whole website speaks of the dangers of extended sitting.

It seems Movement is all that’s required !! Our ancestors spent millions of years trying to stand upright and walk. In a span of a few decades we have managed to reverse all that effort with our constant sitting :(.

Its easy to stand up, you always have space to do that much and no real excuse not to do it. Every 30 minutes, atleast stand up wherever you are sitting.

Am writing this blogpost while standing 😁. Get up, start standing.

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