Chidambaram Arrested !

I stayed up just to see this visual …. this vile man finally gets to feel like a common man atleast for a few minutes in his life. Am not naive to think that he would pay for his misdeeds but just the fact that he was arrested gladdens my heart. Acche Din indeed.

Don’t know if he will spend any time at all behind bars but that would be a sight to behold and cherish.

I have just one question for Chidu – why evade arrest if you did no wrong ?? And it was hilarious that illustrious lawyers like Kapil Sibal of no-salary-paid-to-employees fame, Abhishek Manu Singhvi of villain-getting-f@₹*%d-in-office-video fame and Ashwani Kumar submitted a defective plea earlier in the day !! Are they also taking their pound of flesh a la Shylock ? Looks like Chidu and Co are losing friends fast.

Dear Rajdeep Sar-De-Sai (it’s a prayer to Sai Baba, that hasn’t worked) tried in vain to explain the technicality that the Jor Bagh mansion of Chidambaram was a rented one … only to be put in place by his own team saying, it’s rented from Karti Chidambaram and it has been attached. Hahahahaha… poor Rajdeep. His loyalty to those who keep his bank account jingling is heartwarming.

A good day today ! Jai Hind. Sweet dreams Chidu.

3 thoughts on “Chidambaram Arrested !”

  1. Probably his fame may go up by this arrest. (Another Kanimozhi) Again if this CONman becomes everything will change. Wait and see Malu and keep your fingers crossed.


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